Example - The Sims 4

Action / Racing 29-11-2016, 19:31
Carmageddon Max Damage is another edition of the popular series of racing games. Developed by Stainless Games studio. Once again we are able to take part in a race full of murderers and blood. The winner can be only one.
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Adventure 29-11-2016, 18:12
Obduction is a three dimensional action game created by Cyan studio. In here, we are dealing with leading narration, what significantly ease the whole gameplay and at the same time make it more interesting.
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Sport 29-11-2016, 17:06
In the newest instalment of PES 2016, the general rules of gameplay stayed the game. It appears to be a good step – in this way the uniqueness of the brand stays untouched. However, one can notice smaller and bigger changes.
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Action 29-11-2016, 16:23
Umbrella Corps it’s quite original first person perspective shooter, where we find elements of survival horror. If you are looking for ambitious combination of FPP shooter and survival game then Umbrella Corps Download is the game that you definitely need to download on your computer. Oh and we
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Racing 29-11-2016, 15:58
Valentino Rossi The Game is yet another, after MotoGP 15, the game released by famous studio called Milestone. And even the name is changed (due to promotional reasons), we can safely say it’s MotoGP 16.
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Adventure 25-11-2016, 00:08
Phantaruk is the first person player survival horror game set in science-fiction realities. The game was created by the Polish studio Polyslash. Will it be yet another successful Polish horror game?
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Action 24-11-2016, 23:38
Dead by Dealight is asymmetric multiplayer horror game created by the Behaviour Interactive Studio, known for the titles such as Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade or Naughty Bear: panic in Paradise.
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RPG 22-11-2016, 20:40
Deus Ex Mankind Divided is an RPG game placed in cyberpunk realm. The game was created by Eidos Montreal studio, which took the reins from makers of the previous parts of the game.
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Adventure 22-11-2016, 20:03
XING The Land Beyond, is pretty unusual game. It is something like exploratory adventure. It was created by the White Lotus Interactive studio.
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Action 22-11-2016, 19:10
Dead Island Definitive Collection is a package of two games from the series Dead Island with additions to the game. A pack of games includes Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide - both games as well as the package has been created by studio Techland.
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