Example - The Sims 4

Adventure 29-11-2016, 18:12
Obduction is a three dimensional action game created by Cyan studio. In here, we are dealing with leading narration, what significantly ease the whole gameplay and at the same time make it more interesting.
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Adventure 25-11-2016, 00:08
Phantaruk is the first person player survival horror game set in science-fiction realities. The game was created by the Polish studio Polyslash. Will it be yet another successful Polish horror game?
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Adventure 22-11-2016, 20:03
XING The Land Beyond, is pretty unusual game. It is something like exploratory adventure. It was created by the White Lotus Interactive studio.
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Adventure 10-10-2016, 22:20
Edge of Nowhere is a climatic adventure game with horror elements. For its creation the studio Insomniac Games is responsible. The game is compatible with augmented reality goggles Oculus Rigt.
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Adventure 7-10-2016, 19:22
Valley is a specific first person player adventure game, where we find a lot of science-fiction elements. The game was produced by Canadian Blue Isle Games studio, which is just entering the market of PC games.
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Adventure 6-10-2016, 20:54
Silence The Whispered World 2, a yet another edition of popular adventure game, for which creation the German studio Deadalic Entertainment is responsible. They are authors of such titles as Memoria, Deponia, The Night of the Rabbit, or Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes.
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Adventure 5-10-2016, 15:24
Time Machine VR is a specific adventure game, which is compatible with augmented reality goggles Oculus Rift. The production was designed by independent studio Minority Media.
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Adventure 21-09-2016, 15:56
The production of Microids studio – Syberia 3 – is a continuation of bestselling series of adventure games, which as a result of bigger and smaller difficulties of various kinds appeared on the market more than a decade later after its predecessor – Syberia 2 – appeared. First instalment of the
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Adventure 7-09-2016, 17:48
ReCore is an adventure action game set in the fictional, postapocalyptic science fiction world. Production was created by the former employee of Capcom and Keiji Inafune, who is the co-creator of such popular creations like Onimusha, MegaMan, or Dead Rising. Inafune worked with Armature studio,
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