Example - The Sims 4

Adventure 10-10-2016, 22:20
Edge of Nowhere is a climatic adventure game with horror elements. For its creation the studio Insomniac Games is responsible. The game is compatible with augmented reality goggles Oculus Rigt.
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Strategy 10-10-2016, 22:04
Hero Defense Haunted Island is quite original combination of “tower defence” type of game with RPG elements. German studio from Berlin called Happy Tuesday is responsible for creating the game.
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Adventure 7-10-2016, 19:22
Valley is a specific first person player adventure game, where we find a lot of science-fiction elements. The game was produced by Canadian Blue Isle Games studio, which is just entering the market of PC games.
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Arcade 7-10-2016, 19:11
Lost Sea is a combination of survival game and classic arcade game. It is an unusual combination made by Eastasiasoft studio.
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Action 6-10-2016, 21:06
Darkwood is an interesting game in a survival horror style with RPG elements. The production was created by the Polish studio Acid Wizard.
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Adventure 6-10-2016, 20:54
Silence The Whispered World 2, a yet another edition of popular adventure game, for which creation the German studio Deadalic Entertainment is responsible. They are authors of such titles as Memoria, Deponia, The Night of the Rabbit, or Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes.
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Adventure 5-10-2016, 15:24
Time Machine VR is a specific adventure game, which is compatible with augmented reality goggles Oculus Rift. The production was designed by independent studio Minority Media.
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Sport 5-10-2016, 14:01
Mandatory position for all the fans of extreme stunts on the snow is incoming – Ubisoft Annecy studio has just created winter extreme sports simulator entitled Steep. Ubisoft Studio has got unusual tradition. At the end of annual E3 shows they tend to present the project that will blow up your
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Racing 4-10-2016, 15:31
F1 2016 is yet another edition of very popular licensed games about Formula 1 races. The game, as the predecessors, have been created by British studio Codemasters. The fans of the series had huge impact on the process of creating the game. Thanks to that, F1 2016 looks much better than previous
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Strategy 4-10-2016, 15:16
Champions of Anteria is a strategy created by German studio Blue Byte. The game is based on very popular The Settlers series, and after it received negative feedback in 2014, the game has been re-edited. The changes were so fundamental, thanks to them the work of Ubisoft has received much better
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