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Action / Racing 29-11-2016, 19:31
Carmageddon Max Damage is another edition of the popular series of racing games. Developed by Stainless Games studio. Once again we are able to take part in a race full of murderers and blood. The winner can be only one.
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Racing 29-11-2016, 15:58
Valentino Rossi The Game is yet another, after MotoGP 15, the game released by famous studio called Milestone. And even the name is changed (due to promotional reasons), we can safely say it’s MotoGP 16.
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Racing 4-10-2016, 15:31
F1 2016 is yet another edition of very popular licensed games about Formula 1 races. The game, as the predecessors, have been created by British studio Codemasters. The fans of the series had huge impact on the process of creating the game. Thanks to that, F1 2016 looks much better than previous
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Simulation / Racing 1-10-2016, 14:15
NASCAR Heat Evolution is a classic NASCAR races simulator. Monster Games is the studio responsible for making the game. They were also responsible for previous instalments of the series including the games released for other operating systems and other platforms.
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Sport / Racing 29-09-2016, 12:38
Moto Racer 4 is yet another part of popular motorcycle series of games designed by joined studios Microids and Arfefacts. In the game, we can race in both motocross and road modes. Each of them has its own flaws and advantages.
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Racing 28-09-2016, 18:44
WRC 6 is yet another game from the licensed series about WRC races. Created by Kylotonn Games studio, which has got considerable amount of experience in the scope of creating racing games.
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Racing 8-09-2016, 15:41
Forza Horizon is a loose spin-off of the racing game Forza Motorsport. What is even more important, Forza Motorsport – the third instalment of the series – is coming. In this part instead of tracks we will race on the streets and intercity routes. The whole was produced by Playground Games studio.
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