Example - The Sims 4

Sport 29-11-2016, 17:06
In the newest instalment of PES 2016, the general rules of gameplay stayed the game. It appears to be a good step – in this way the uniqueness of the brand stays untouched. However, one can notice smaller and bigger changes.
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Sport 5-10-2016, 14:01
Mandatory position for all the fans of extreme stunts on the snow is incoming – Ubisoft Annecy studio has just created winter extreme sports simulator entitled Steep. Ubisoft Studio has got unusual tradition. At the end of annual E3 shows they tend to present the project that will blow up your
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Sport / Racing 29-09-2016, 12:38
Moto Racer 4 is yet another part of popular motorcycle series of games designed by joined studios Microids and Arfefacts. In the game, we can race in both motocross and road modes. Each of them has its own flaws and advantages.
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Sport 22-09-2016, 15:31
You come home and right after preparing dinner, instead of going out with your friends, you sit on the coach before the TV. There, you can see some hits that you already watches at the Cinema. However, you invariably turn on your favourite sports channel in order to watch the best NBA teams in
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Simulation / Sport 8-09-2016, 15:18
Another instalment of football simulator series Pro Evolution Soccer is coming. In 2017 part, it will be possible to play variety of football clubs in many different single player and multiplayer game modes. Fox Engine technology was used in creating the game. It was also applied in two previous
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Recommended / Simulation / Sport 7-09-2016, 18:16
The company Electronic Arts doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone, who is in love with football, and those, who haven’t a lot in common with this popular sport at least know that the series still exists and it’s been well. FIFA 17 is considered one of the most famous series of games about
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