Example - The Sims 4

Strategy 10-10-2016, 22:04
Hero Defense Haunted Island is quite original combination of “tower defence” type of game with RPG elements. German studio from Berlin called Happy Tuesday is responsible for creating the game.
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Strategy 4-10-2016, 15:16
Champions of Anteria is a strategy created by German studio Blue Byte. The game is based on very popular The Settlers series, and after it received negative feedback in 2014, the game has been re-edited. The changes were so fundamental, thanks to them the work of Ubisoft has received much better
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Strategy 28-09-2016, 18:09
The Guild 3 is yet another instalment of popular economic game with RPG elements included. 4Head Studios is the company that created this game.
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Strategy 20-09-2016, 16:05
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, as the name suggests, is already sixth part of epic part of turn-based strategies, where we are given with the opportunity to handle our own empire on the course of several thousands of years. It is a treat for both connoisseurs of computer strategic games as well as
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