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Watch Dogs 2 Download

Watch Dogs is a sandbox action game from 2014. Watch Dogs 2, as the same name indicates, is its fully-fledged continuation. The key element of the gameplay is possibility of hacking city infrastructure elements, smartphones, and other communication devices. While in the first part we hack infrastructure of Chicago, in the second edition we will visit San Francisco and personate the member of hacking group called Deadsec. The primary goals of this group is the fight with csOT system and most of all, a great fun.

Watch Dogs 2 Download PC Game

Watch Dogs 2 Free Download

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The whole is mapped on the successful series of Grand Theft Auto. The inside studio of Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montreal has taken care of the development of the game once again. It is quite experienced and appreciated team, which can boast with such successful series as Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, or Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. The game can be played on personal computers and eighth generation consoles. If you value the good fun, and in your hedonistic lifestyle rarely play the games made by Ubisoft Company, then get Watch Dogs 2 Download.

The plot

The storyline in Watch Dogs 2 is much more cheerful compared to the gloomy and dark story showed in the original. As Marcus Holloway – the member of hacking group Deadsec – we play in San Francisco and fight with Central Operating System, ctOS, and what is even more important for the player, have a great fun. As a result of those goals, the game became much more relaxed.

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Massive hacking and new toys

The overall gameplay in Watch Dogs 2 is similar to the one presented in the first part. So, it is still an action game that is set in wide and open world. This production varies from previously mentioned Grand Theft Auto and the rest with its possibility to hack city infrastructure and other communication devices, and this possibility has been heavily expanded in the second instalment. Thanks to that we can hack various devices on bigger amount of ways. We can also carry out massive hacking, which is taking over the control of many devices in one moment. An example of such thing can be the control of smartphones of all pedestrians. What is more, our main protagonist, Marcus, can also use new equipment in the game. There are guns printed in 3D printer, flying drone or remote-controlled mini car at his disposal. The story missions can be carried out on many different ways – there are many options. We can stealth, or start and open fight. The driving system has been improved. Except for that, there is a parkour system implemented in the game. The game is incredibly attractive – parkour, hacking, driving cars – you can absorb yourself and play long hours with this game. If you want to try, get Watch Dogs 2 download.

Game mode

Main attraction of the game Watch Dogs 2 is of course expanded story mode campaign for one player. In the campaign, in addition to main story mode, we can complete a lot of side missions. There is also a multiplayer mode, which according to the newest trends is connected with single player mode, so we can in any moment begin the game with our friends with whom we are connected almost the entire time of playing Watch Dogs 2. If you like Grand Theft Auto series but you feel that there is something missing in there or you just finished it and want more, get Watch Dogs 2 Download.

Watch Dogs 2 PC Download Full Version

Watch Dogs 2 Download

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