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Bleak Faith: Forsaken Download free

Bleak Faith: Forsaken comes under a third-person survival horror action RPG. Also, the genre is an open-world game that combines elements of dark fantasy and cyberpunk. Besides, the game takes place in a world you've never seen before. It has a unique story and background that will appeal to gamers looking for something different.

Developer: Mišo Vukčević & Mirko Stanić
Publisher: Miso Vukcevic
Game mode: singleplayer
Release date: 2022
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian
User rating: 7/10

Bleak Faith: Forsaken game full version

Bleak Faith Forsaken download

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The Game Developers

The game started development in January 2019. The sole developer of the game is Archangel Studios. It is not a small studio but a two-person development team. Also, they are always trying to improve the quality of the gameplay and mechanics. Besides, the developers do this by paying attention to the community feedback on their prototype.

Initially, the pc game will be available to install only on a PC. Besides, you will also be able to run the game on PS4 and Xbox One. See information on Kickstarter.

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Free Torrent Download

You will be able to download Bleak Faith: Forsaken for free. Search for the pc game on a torrent website. Follow the set instructions, download, and install it on the pc. See another interesting RPG game NiOh 2 The Complete Edition and compare them with each other.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken Storyline

The world's setting is about dealing with the burdens of survival. The character you play as is the Forsaken. Also, they are humanity's last line of defense against the Omnistructure's rising horrors. Besides, you must adjust to survive in a faraway outpost. But the universe will not wait for you. Thus, you will embark on an adventure into the unknown. The journey will determine your destiny.

Secrecy engulfs the nature of your mission in the game. When you progress further into the Omnistructure, you will discover the true meaning of loneliness, solitude, and fear.

Bleak Faith Forsaken: Gameplay

The game focuses on creating the same awe and anticipation you felt when you played an RPG for the first time.

On this planet, there are very few safe zones for the Forsaken. These are outposts that serve as rest stops before setting out on new adventures. But there is no such thing as absolute safety!

The combat is brutal and challenging. Keeping aside the fact that it is a small team, the studio refused to consider a generic battle scheme. Also, Archangel Studios is fleshing it out and making it solid. Besides, the combat can be unforgiving. The movements are also fast and responsive. Thus, you will feel the pleasure of earning each reward.

The players have the freedom as to how they wish to approach the battles. You have the option of choosing agility over direct combat. Also, the system gives you the option of expressing yourself through fighting or avoiding it. Besides, the use of a class structure affirms it.


The Ecosystem in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

The Omnistructure's Factions and NPC residents can compete with one another. Also, they will develop, adapt and expand. As a result, the ecosystem's food chain will change with each playthrough. The game is indeed a never-ending battle against time. Besides, your opponents will attempt to surpass not only you but also all the other players. Also, due to the ecosystem's procedural existence, the environment will keep changing. Thus, you'll never be able to relax your guard.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken Download free

Bleak Faith: Forsaken game

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