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Another instalment of football simulator series Pro Evolution Soccer is coming. In 2017 part, it will be possible to play variety of football clubs in many different single player and multiplayer game modes. Fox Engine technology was used in creating the game. It was also applied in two previous parts and the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The Japanese company Konami compete with FIFA 17 by Electronic Arts with their production Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Konami doesn’t own the FIFA federation license, so the names of clubs as well as name of players are fictional.

PES 2017 Download PC Full Version

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Download

Despite that, the developers put a lot of efforts in order to faithfully recreate the appearance of the players in the game, so we can recognize our favourites with ease. The less popular players will be recognizable as well. Konami Company has got the following licenses: Champions League, Europa League, European Super Cup, which cannot be found in any other games of this type. PC edition is the same as for other platforms. So, if you want to feel the cup after effective victory in Champions League, get PES 2017 Download right now.

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Improvements compared to predecessor

For the authors of the game, the realism of football feelings is important. However, according to the previous instalments of the cycle, they are trying to combine arcade elements with a little bit of strategy. PES 2017 is a game obviously improved in many aspects. For example, Precise Pass system is responsible for the way ball behaves during passes. Precision and timing is really important for making a good pass. Real Touch System recreates the way the players control the ball. What is more, except for more complex team settings (called Advanced Instructions), we can immediately change the attitude of the players from aggressive to defensive and the other way around (Total Team Control option). Because of that, we can react on the situation on the pitch immediately. There are new options with corners. Do you wish to test what has been changed in the newest instalment of the series? Get PES 2017 Download and enjoy the fun.

What can we do in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Among single player modes, there is myClub game mode, where we are having fun during creating our own team. Later on, we can play matches against other players or SI. We can help here with scouts, who are recommended to sign the contracts with new players. Other game mode is Master League – here, we fight with other teams for the title of the best team. In this mode you can witness improved negotiation system and better transfers system. You can also notice more varied player development system. The game also provides very attractive tutorial and the possibility of training, thanks to which new players will quickly understand everything and proceed to other game modes. Check similar game FIFA 17 for download.

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 there are also better models of the players, stands, lightings, and of course stadiums. Moreover, there are a lot of new animations, for goalkeepers as well. From now on these guys have got new moves. In the newest edition the goalkeepers are much harder to defeat by the strikers. You can’t compare it to any of the previous Pro Evolution Soccer games. If you wonder how to beat him in the situation one versus one, then you can try it now in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 download and face the football rivalries.

PES 2017 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Download

PES 2017 Download


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