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Mafia 3 is yet another instalment of popular game, where we personate one of the member of mafia families. Hangar 13 is a studio responsible for making this game. The works on this game started in 2012. However, despite that long wait, the changes introduced in the game can be assessed positively and very highly.

Mafia 3 Download PC Game

Mafia 3 PC Download

The storyline in the game

In Mafia III, we personate the Vietnam War veteran. After a while, we are back to the country. Suddenly, we learn that almost our whole family is brutally murdered as a result of gangsters’ feuds. Our hero will have to take matters in his own hands and eliminate those, who are responsible for the death of his close ones. The task will be very difficult given the fact that a person responsible for that crime is don of different crime group. In this fight we will not be alone. We can hope for support of other members of the criminal underworld. If you too want to take revenge on your “computer” mafia family, then you should definitely get Mafia 3 Download on your computer. See for yourself how the like at the end of 70’s looked like in USA.

Game mechanics

While the previous parts of the series offered us slightly open world, in Mafia III we are dealing with complete sandbox. It is safe to say that mechanics in the game is more similar to Grand Theft Auto. When you enter the game world, we can meet a number of ordinary passers-by, who perform various, often strange activities.

It is obvious to say that thanks to that procedure the game world is even more open. We can practically in any way affect the world that surrounds us. However, remember that our actions will always have the impact on the future game. It may turn out that some of our choices can unable (at least for a time) some actions like for example eliminating the members of rival mafia family.

The novelty in Mafia 3 is possibility of capturing hostile hideouts. When all of them are cleared out on the given location, we can put there your own associates (so-called lieutenants). In some situations they can be essential when for we won’t be able to escape from police on our own.

In the third part of Mafia, a higher number of weapons our hero can use have been introduced. However in the end, we will still fight with enemy based on two types of weapons only. Besides, it’s not surprising. If Mafia 3 is yet another step for better realism, then no one should be surprised that our character cannot carry several automated carbines, a massive amount of grenades, pistols, etc.

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If you are not afraid of the changed introduced in the third instalment of Mafia and you love sandbox games, then it is necessary to use Mafia 3 download links and get the game on your computer. You will see that its new instalment is even more interesting than the previous ones. You can also check out a similar game with the open world Watch Dogs 2 for free download.

Game modes

The game is unfortunately not available in multiplayer mode. The player has to please himself with everything solo game provides. However, we’ve got good news for consolation. The single player mode is very advanced in here. How much? You will see by yourself by getting Mafia 3 download on your computers.

Technical issues

Mafia 3 is a game well-polished in terms of visual settings. Your eye is pleased not only by interesting and beautiful graphics but also by realism of those times. Let’s remind you that the game is set in 1968. Those times were showed in the game in a perfect way.

Mafia III Download for Free Full Version

Mafia 3 Download


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