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Farming Simulator 17 Download

Farming Simulator is yet another edition of very popular cycle of simulators, where we take the role of farmers. Giants Software is the studio responsible for creating the game. They are known for making previous simulation parts.

Farming Simulator 17 Download PC Game

Farming Simulator 17 pc download

The story of the game

In case of Farming Simulator 17, we are dealing with simulating game. It is hard to distinguish the story element in here. Our task is simply planting new seeds, gathering crops, and then selling it. IF you want to become the virtual farmer, just get Farming Simulator 17 Download on your computer. You will see that virtual crops are gathered as hard as the real ones.

Game mechanics

Farming Simulator 17 is a game that fulfils all the requirements of classic simulator. As in case of other games of this type, here as well the gameplay is divided into two parts. The first part concerns simulation. Therefore, we got access to particular tools that are used on most of farms. Because Farming Simulator 17 is well-polished simulator, mapping all the machines we have is very thorough and realistic.
The second part of which the game is composed of is of course managing our farm. We have to choose crops in order to make the profits of our company the highest. It is obvious to say that money earned in this way can be used to purchase items, tools, as well as new crops.

The novelty in Farming Simulator 17 is the possibility of performing some of the jobs manually. An example? Why would you use complex machines to carry wood when you can do that by yourself (at the beginning of the game it’s even faster).
Yet another novelty are so-called additional missions. They are outsourced by other farmers, who are controlled by artificial intelligence. By carrying out this tasks we can hope for additional money and at the same time accelerate the development of our homestead business.
An interesting addition is introducing the railway transports to Farming Simulator 17. The possibility of leasing of agriculture tools is also implemented feature worth noting.
A lot has changed in the scope of crops themselves. On our virtual plots we can seed soy and sunflower. The park machine itself has been slightly changed as well. From now on we have got almost 200 machines at our disposal. From this large number, 60 machines are licensed. It means that they are faithfully mapped in the virtual reality.

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If you love realistic approach to the “farm”, then Farming Simulator 17 Download is necessity on your computer. You will see that conducing your own agriculture business is not only a hard work but above all, the ability to manage it.

Technical issues

When it comes to graphics in the game, Farming Simulator 17 is rather innovative position in this respect. Indeed, the game uses the same engine as the previous instalments of the game, but there are several changes in visual settings. They include natural lighting as well as the appearance of the machines we possess. The novelty is also brand new map named Sosnovka.
In the summary, Farming Simulator 17 is a continuation of an old game in a completely new look. If you like such atmosphere, then get Farming Simulator 17 Download. You will surely like it.

Farming Simulator 17 PC Download Full Version

Farming Simulator 17 download


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