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Battlefield 1 Download

Battlefield 1 is the newest, fully-fledged instalment of incredibly popular cycle of FPP shooters created by Electronic Arts and EA DICE studios. This time the gameplay takes us to compeltely new for the series times – the times of the First World Warthat is, and the story told in the game will be observed by several characters that participated in the Great War. Despite the fact that the realities presented in the production are completely new for the cycle, the newest instalment of the game is a return to the roots, and the developers give us bigger and more open maps.

Battlefield 1 Download PC Full Version

Battlefield 1 pc download

The players themselves receive even more freedom. The positions of this cycle are set on multipayer mode, and the series itself began in 2002 with the debut of Battlefield 1942. The whole cycle had four parts and several spin-offs such as Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Vietnam, or Battlefield: Bad Company. Have you played other parts of the game or its spin-offs? Then you should also play the newest instalment, thanks to Battlefield 1 download.

The Great War

The title of the production itself is a reference to the historical times, where the game takes us – the First World War. This period is rarely used by the authors of computer games. However, it inspired experienced authors of Battlefield series. There are events that lead us to the total war that can be observed by the eyes of the player and the characters. This war has brought the biggest technology revolution in the course of wars. It is because the Great War, tanks, machine guns, and air support have become so popular. In the game there are different locations, so the game is interesting and varied. In Battlefield 1 we will fight in the narrow streets of French towns, on the Arabian deserts, or in the Italian forts in Alps. Get Battlefield 1 download to visit all these places.

Back to the roots

Battlefield 1 comes back to the roots of the cycle by throwing us into the middle of war actions and giving us much more freedom than it was before. Missions in the game are played in larger, more expanded maps, what is rather pleasing change from half-closed levels well-known from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 games. In the game there are obviously guns we know from the times of the Great War. What is more, the fights are more brutal and more often we fight in close combat with the use of for example entrenching tools or bayonets. If you like shooting games check out Mafia 3 for download.

An interesting addition in the game is also the chance to control different types of war vehicles like light or heavy tanks, different planes, or even warships. Interestingly, all vehicles are controlled differently, so if we handle light tank very well, we might need to put more efforts in learning how to drive heavier models. The biggest surprise of the game is possibility to personate the cavalry soldier and the fight on the back of the horse. Does it sound interesting? It surely does because Battlefield 1 is a great title that introduced huge variety to the gameplay.

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While creating the game, the newest generation of great Frostbite engine was used. Thanks to that the battlefield is highly interactive. A lot of its elements can be changed or destroyed, what had a huge impact on the course of fight. Destroying smaller or bigger vehicles is nothing when we compare it to demolishing entire buildings, both small cottages as well as enormous constructions. In audio-visual respect, the game looks splendid and it exceeds in large extent created three years earlier Battlefield 4. Do you want to see how the developers of the game managed to recreate the realities of the Great War on your own eyes? Get Battlefield 1 Download.

Battlefield 1 PC Download Game

Battlefield 1 download


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