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BioShock The Collection Download

BioShock The Collection is – as the name itself indicates – the combination of three games with the same title released until now. The whole has been remastered and refreshed. Thanks to that there are no differences in graphics among these products. Developer: 2K Games.

BioShock The Collection Download PC full version

BioShock The Collection Download

The storyline of the game

In BioShock, we personate a man, who manages to survive the plane crash. Our figure, after a while, finds out the lighthouse that leads him to a specific, underworld world called Rapture. At the first glimpse, the life in here could be idyllic. Why would you care about the problems that occupy the life of people on the planet Earth? However, after a while it turns out that the life in Rapture isn’t so simple. Suddenly, the factions that live there start to fight with each other and destroy the city and everything around, including themselves.

In the second part of BioShock, we once again arrive at Rapture. This time our hero is Big Daddy, with whom we had to fight in the first instalment of the game. This time, we are fighting with a woman, who took control over the power of once beautiful, underwater city. On the other hand, the third instalment of the game tells completely different story than two previous parts. This time our hero goes to the sky city with a beautiful name Columbia. In this city, he becomes a mysterious detective, whose job is to release some woman…

So, if you want to remind yourself all previous parts, you should necessarily get on your computer the game by clicking BioShock The Collection Download. You will see that it’s worth to play older productions from time to time and compare them to the new ones…

Oh, and one more thing… The package also includes one addition – Burial at Sea. It combines the storyline of three editions of the game.

Game mechanics

As befits for the trilogy, the mechanics of the game in the given titles isn’t very varied. We are still dealing with classic, first person shooter, where some RPG elements have been implemented. The main task of the player will be fight and… constant upgrading your genetic code. We will have to fight all the time and with time develop our supernatural powers.

The authors of the trilogy put an emphasis on exploration as well. Our hero will find some relevant for the gameplay details from time to time. These details will help him reveal the mystery of the city of Rapture.

So, if you like classic games sprinkled with exploration elements, then you should necessarily get on your computer BioShock The Collection torrent.

Technical issues

BioShock is a trilogy that, as it is easy to guess, significantly improves all the editions of the game in terms of visuals. Therefore, we receive new – old games in completely new visual setting. The resolution of the game has been hugely improved as well. At the same time, the 60 frapes technology has been introduced, what made the game even more fluent. So, if you want to see for yourself how the good old BioShock in completely remastered reversion looks like, it is necessary for you to get BioShock The Collection free download on your computer. You will see how much the game will change when we improve graphics.

Game modes

We’ve got bad news for all who love multiplayer. BioShock The Collection is the game available only in single player mode. We will not have the possibility to play it with other, real players.

The summary

BioShock The Collection is a combination of several technologies into one, integrated production. Thanks to remastering it, we can discover the whole trilogy once again. Are you ready for that?

BioShock The Collection free Download install


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