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Syberia 3 Download

The production of Microids studio – Syberia 3 – is a continuation of bestselling series of adventure games, which as a result of bigger and smaller difficulties of various kinds appeared on the market more than a decade later after its predecessor – Syberia 2 – appeared. First instalment of the game was released in 2002 and the newspapers that deal with computer games called it “the best adventure game in 2002”. Its continuation, the second part of Syberia, was released two years later, in 2004.

Syberia 3 Download full version

Syberia 3 Download

In order to play the third part the players and die-hard fans of the series and adventure games had to be patient because the title was published for PC computers and eighth generation consoles twelve years later – in 2016. Syberia 3, just like its two previous parts of the cycle, is a point-and-click type of adventure game set in steampunk atmosphere. Now, with the great visual settings, the game can become a hit among the players, critiques and computer games magazines. This, however, shouldn’t surprise anyone given the fact how much positive feedback did the predecessors get. Do you want to test how Microids studio managed to create their adventure game this time? Download Syberia 3 and install it on your computer.

Microids together with Benoit Sokal

Once again Microids studio with Belgian comic artist Benoit Sokal are responsible for creating the game. Belgian artist creates comic books and graphics to computer games, and is associated with Microids studio from a long time. He created for this studio graphics to Amerzone game among other things. The series of comics released by Benoit Sokal, which is the most popular, is called Canardo. Sokal decided to create his own company – White Birds Production, which created the game Paradise published by Ubisoft Company. The soundtrack we are going to hear in Syberia 3 has been taken care of by American composer Inon Zur, so the fans of the series can breathe a sigh of relief. It will present the high level we were accustomed to. If you want to listen to the game, get Syberia 3 download in full version.

The continuation of the storyline

In the game Syberia 3 we once again personate the figure of young lawyer Kate Walker and witness in the production the continuation of the plots we witnessed in previous editions. Again, we will traverse the wastelands of Siberia, and in the course of our journey we will encounter the characters that have both friendly attitude as well as hostile. In the production we will meet the locals and their myths. New characters will also appear like for example Victoria McPherson, known from Still Life series, who in Syberia 3 investigates international smuggling of works of arts. We also recommend another great ReCore adventure game for free.

The action of the third game begins right after the end of the second. After we split up with Hans, the young lawyer is alone in the frozen land, and the aforementioned locals save her. Hate decides to help the saviours, who want to carry snow ostriches to the holy stairs, where they can reproduce. The task is difficult due to progressing industrialization. If you want to help Kate Walker in repaying her debt to rescuers and perform important for them task, download Syberia 3 on PC.


The production of Microids studio will be multiplatform title, so we can play it not only on PC computers but also on the eighth generation consoles. The game has been created since the start in the way it can be played with joypad with ease, and as an example we can say that there are some interface changes like for example choosing options in dialogue boxes.

Syberia 3 PC Download and install


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