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Dead Rising 4 Download

Dead Rising 4 is already fourth instalment of sandbox action game, where the opponents of the main protagonist controlled by the player are zombies that want to eat us. The action of the game takes place in the cut off from the rest of the city part of town that is filled with living dead, and of course they want to get us. With the help of improvised weapon that we created with the everyday items found on our way, we kill them all off. The authors as well as the publisher of the game is prestigious studio called Capcom.

Dead Rising 4 Download full version

Dead Rising 4 Download

What is more, the times in which the action is set Christmas time, the time filled with warmth, love, and happiness. Unfortunately not for our hero, Frank West. Frank West, known from the first instalment of the cycle, returns to our screens to the city of Wilamette, Colorado. Our protagonist is a photographer, and sixteen years later he survived several horrible days in the mall that also was filled with zombies. Meanwhile, the Wilamette town once again becomes the seat of the dead and Frank West one more time needs to find a way to survive until the help arrives and find out the cause of the outbreak once again. Do you want to find yourself in the heart of the spot with the zombies armed with improvised weapon and kill them off one by one? Then today Dead Rising 4 Download.

What use to kill zombie?

Dead Rising 4 is an action game, where we observe the action from the third person perspective (so called TPP), and the developers of the game gave us a huge, open world to explore. In the production, except for missions and main storyline, we can also find here a lot of side quests. The highlight of the program when it comes to playing is killing the whole legions of living dead in which the city is dipped. Sometimes, there are hundreds of them on the screen. We need to construct the weapon by ourselves. We can use everything we got nearby and everything we find on the road. Unfortunately, our deadly toys quickly deteriorates. That is why we are very often forced to think what we can craft next to kill living dead. For example, we can combine two chainsaws with the paddle, place an explosive into the ball, or place machine carbines at the wheelchair.

The game lets us drive several vehicles. As it happens in the cycle of games, the authors tried to implement to the latest release some novelties and improve the gameplay. In Dead Rising 4 we will find here several new things. An example of such can be the exoskeleton we can equip Frank with. Thanks to that he gains strength, can pull out different elements from the environment, and then use them on the battlefield. In the latest instalment of Dead Rising we also receive new enemies to defeat.

The first type of Zombies are Fresh, which are the zombies that transform before our eyes. Fresh types of zombies are much faster and cleverer from the regular undead guys. The second type are Evo zombies, which are stronger and more mobile from the others. If you want to try out the exoskeleton on yourself and feel the superhuman strength, download Dead Rising 4 and install it on your computer. See also the great action game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for free.

Game modes

In Dead Rising 4, except for single player mode, there is also cooperation mode for four players maximum. In this way we can play through the campaign together or play shorter matches. IF you want to destroy the hordes of the zombies with your friends, get Dead Rising 4 Download as soon as possible!

Dead Rising 4 free Download and install


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