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The Guild 3 Download

The Guild 3 is yet another instalment of popular economic game with RPG elements included. Purple Lamp Studios is the company that created this game.

The Guild 3 Download Game

The Guild 3 game download

The storyline

It’s hard to say about any advanced storyline in here. We are dealing with with quite advanced, and above all open gameplay. We can even say that The Guild 3 is a typical sandbox title.

However, if we can say something about the plot, then it is set in the medieval times. And of course, it lets us personate in any character.

So, if you love open, sandbox games, and at the same time you are into medieval history, then you should necessarily get The Guild 3 Download. You will see how many you can achieve by personating even in less important character.

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Game mechanics

In The Guild 3 we take the role of… who exactly? The answer is simple – everybody. It can be any figure, even the king, magnate, influential lady… or ordinary prisoner and a common criminal.

Game mechanics lets us on choosing variety of decisions. In the contrary, they have huge impact on our future. For example, if we decide on the role of magnate, it may occur that after a few unfortunate events our career will end soon and we will land in prison.

During playing, our job will be also building our own family dynasty and its development. Maybe thanks to our decisions we will become the progenitors of the great dynasty, which will survive through the dark medieval times?

If you want to check how difficult the medieval times were, then you should download the game on your computer through The Guild 3 Download. Maybe you will find out about these times something else? Civilization VI for free is also a great strategy game.

What distinguishes the game The Guild 3 in comparison to other productions?

  1. 1. Open player interface. The character has got the right to choose what he wants to do. Thanks to his or her decisions, your dynasty can be glorified or even immerse.

  2. 2. Real time gameplay. Our character lives in real time, and it means its slow development. On the other hand, this solution in the gameplay gives the player much more possibilities to analyse the medieval world that surrounds you.

  3. 3. The richness of presented world. The world we see in The Guild 3 is incredibly rich. We have got here many figures, who are the part of real, medieval community. There is no lack of skilled craftsmen, peasants, aristocrats, and many other, authentic social groups. Each of the characters has got its own, specific qualities. Thanks to that, the game is much funnier.

  4. 4. The possibility of achieving huge success. In The Guild 3, we have got the possibility of acquiring very high connections in the country. Theoretically, nothing stands on your way to begin the gameplay as regular peasant and end up as nobility.


If you like real time simulations with references to the Middle Ages, then you should definitely get The Guild 3 Download. In this unusual game, you will be able to do whatever you want. And when we take this unusual, open storyline and ad attractive graphics with numerous details, then we receive a perfect game that will absorb us for long hours.

The Guild 3 Free Download Full Version

The Guild 3 download


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