WRC 6 Download

WRC 6 is yet another game from the licensed series about WRC races. Created by Kylotonn Games studio, which has got considerable amount of experience in the scope of creating racing games.

WRC 6 PC Download - Full Version

WRC 6 download

Storyline in the game

The plot in the game is really shallow. Our job is to finish the races as quick as it is possible during World Rally Championships. We will have classic cars at our disposal, but in the upgraded versions. So, if you are the real fan, then WRC 6 Download is surely for you. Therefore, get the game on your computer as soon as possible and enjoy the highest level gameplay enriched with a lot of adrenaline.

Game mechanics

Because of the fact the game is fully licensed, the races included in here are based on actual WRC 2016 calendar. At our disposal there are vehicles we could witness in real races, as well as drivers from this federation.

And when we speak about actual WRC calendar, you shouldn’t be surprised that this time (after several years) we will once again return to China.

In WRC 6 we can notice a lot of changes in the scope of the races themselves. They were the result of the fans of the series, who reported mistakes in a very popular fifth edition. No wonder the authors decided to change something.

What kind of changes do we mean? If you want to know what happened in the latest title, then it is necessary to get WRC 6 Download on your computer. You will see that downloading the game on your PC was really worth. The only thing we can say is that some tracks are longer. In the fifth version, we could have impression that some of the races are too short. In case of WRC 6, it will be drastically changed. Will it be for better? See for yourself…

Game moes

WRC 6 offers a huge number of diverse game modes. We can at the very beginning jump into the so-called deep water and race with the best or we can wait and gain some experience by racing in tutorial tracks and in the initial days during career mode. Also see Forza Horizon 3 for download.

WRC 6 is the game available both for solo players, and in the version for Network races. However, in our opinion, the second version is much more interesting. Why? Because there has been a very interesting game mode introduced there, which combines the network gameplay and up to date schedule of real life championships. If you want to see on your own eyes how this combination looks like in practice, download the game through WRC 6 Download and you will see that the time you have waited was worth it.

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Several important technical issues

WRC 6 is the game that compared to the other one, has got significantly improved audio-visual settings. It shouldn’t surprise anyone since the title was designed only in order to function on the latest generation consoles and computers. Therefore, the level of graphics as well as surroundings and the sound effects are much better.

When it comes to graphics, there are other innovations. Introduction the day and night cycle is one thing and improvement of the quality of the textures, even in high speed is the second.

WRC 6 Download Game PC

WRC 6 pc download


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