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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a computer game that was created by two studos: Tripwire Interactive and Antimater Games. The position is nothing else but the war shooter. As it is easy to guess, it will takes us in the middle of Vietnam War.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Download Game

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Free Download

The storyline in the game

There are two factions in the game, as you may guess. The first one is standard Vietnam Army, who accompanied by the Marines is trying to defeat the units of Vietcong, who are supported by the regular army from North Vietnam, the other faction. If you are into war shooters and you don’t mind going back to these days, then get the game through Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Download on your computer. You will see how cumbersome the war with Vietcong was…

Game Mechanics

We can say that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has got some traits of the first Battlefield games. In here, we are divided into combat units that fight each other. What’s more, compared to the previous instalment of the game, we can see here a huge progress not only in terms of graphics but above all, in terms of tactics.

Let’s not be surprised that we will see the American choppers dominating the air space. Well, in this respect it will be much harder if we decide on fighting for the army of North Vietnam. If however, we are decided for backing up the communists, we will have to use the possibilities that underground tunnels give us.

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Both sides will vary in terms of not only the combat methods. It’s not so surprising that the Vietcong army wouldn’t stand a chance with the Americans. Therefore, if we care about winning, we will have to base our tactic on guerrilla warfare, which will equalize the chances of two sides.

Managing units

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam gives us the chance to manage the group of soldiers in a very advanced way. While commanding, we can invite any player we choose. There will be nothing on our way to remove that player from the unit.

Why did we mention about the similarities with Battlefield series? Because at the end of every clash, we will notice the characteristics table, where our actions will be valuated properly. A very important fact is that killed enemies isn’t the only factor that is taken into account. The support given to our buddies on the front is essential too, and we mean here medical support among other things.

So, if you love classic, war shooting games, and you want to prove your skills in the unit, you should necessarily get the game through Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Torrent Download on your computer. You will see on your own skin how though war can be. Even if this is just the war in virtual world…

Game modes

The game Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a production, where a lot has been mentioned about network mode. However, there are more possibilities than just that. In Rising Storm 2: Vietnam we can also play in single player, however the gameplay isn’t as attractive as in case of multiplayer.


Everyone who loves a good old FPS war games should enjoy Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The game includes everything that is so important for the fans – realistic graphics, high level of the use of the tactics, etc. Using Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Download to get the game on your computer is a must!

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC Download Full Version

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Download


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