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Friday the 13th The Game Download

Have you watched the cult series of horrors Friday the 13th? If so, then Friday the 13th: The Game will surely appeal to you. The game is based on this series of movies, and Gun Games is a studio responsible for creating it. What’s interesting, in the game we will see characters connected to the series. Another interesting fact is that the game was possible to make because of kickstarter funds.

Friday the 13th The Game Download

Friday the 13th The Game pc download

The storyline in the game

Friday the 13th: The Game is a title set in asynchronous mode. What does it mean? In the further description we will explain what it is. When it comes to the plot, then it is based on the adventure of eight friends, who just like in the horror movie, are resting at the lake, Crystal Lake to be more specific. You can easily guess that our heroes will have to face mysterious monster, who will want to eliminate them all just like it was in the series. So, if you are the fan of the series and you wish to see if you manage to run away from the destiny in the white mask, having Friday the 13th The Game Download on your computer is a must. You will see that it’s better to play computer games before dusk.

Game mechanics

Even though the plot in Friday the 13th The Game isn’t not very advanced, there are other aspects that make the game more interesting, like for example game mechanics. In case of this position, it means that we can play as one of several friends or – the main antagonist of the horror. Let’s remember that if we choose one of the friends, even with have advantage in number, we are not going to defeat the enemy. Therefore, we will have to need some cleverness and most of all, courage. The game will also make us to make very difficult decisions.

An interesting fact is that the game has a lot of various ways of killing. We will find here the methods used previously in the horror but also brand new ones that were prepared for this game only. The main “tool” we’re going to use for fight in Friday the 13th The Game are not firearms or other weapons. The key aspect is the cleverness and creativity of the players, who need to deceive our Jason. If you too want to see if it’s capable of staying alive, get it on your computer thanks to Friday the 13th The Game Download. Remember, however, that bigger chances are in the cooperation mode. By solo, you will never defeat the monster.

Game modes

As we already mentioned, in Friday the 13th The Game you can compete based on the Internet connection. We will not have here single player mode. In a matter of fact, given the plot and game mechanics, this solution wouldn’t be as attractive and interesting as the solution used for online mode. Also check out a similar Outlast 2 game to download.

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Technical issues

The strong side of the game is not only its graphics but the music as well. It was created by the people connected with the production of the soundtrack from the original series. When it comes to graphics, the game based on the engine Unreal Engine. The appliance of this engine lets on creating realistic animations, and one of the key scenes are the murders scenes. When we add the motion capture technology to this, we receive so realistic gameplay we don’t even need to advertise it.

So, if you love those types of games, Friday the 13th The Game Download is here, waiting for you to get on your computer. Who knows, maybe the atmosphere of the game will speak to you as well?

Friday the 13th The Game Download Full Version

Friday the 13th The Game download


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