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Titanfall 2, a continuation of the game with the same title from 2014. The gameplay includes FPP elements and at the same time it is available not only for multiplayer version, as it was in the first edition. Respawn Entertainment is the studio responsible for designing the game.

Titanfall 2 Download Full Version PC

Titanfall 2 pc download

The storyline in the game

As we mentioned at the beginning, Titanfall 2 is a multiplayer shooter game, where we personate the soldier of the future. Our hero – the member of the resistance, dreams about the career of the mech pilot. However, to this moment he couldn’t do that. Unexpectedly, during the fights one of the pilots dies. What does it mean for the main hero? The possibility of the dream fight with the opponent. IF you want to see if he wins the clash, get the game on your computer thanks to Titanfall 2 Download.

Game mechanics

Titanfall 2 is quite a specific title. Despite the banal storyline (at least at the first glance), in fact the game is really interesting and includes unusual mechanics. Our job in here is to control the soldier of the future. With the help of special suits, we can climb the walls, jump from a great height, lift a huge weighs. When needed, we can also summon our own mech. Yes, we can use robots for the fights. These mechs, are called in here Titans. Unfortunately, in order to make it more difficult, the Titans can be taken over by other people. That’s why this game is so unique and so equal.

In new Titanfall 2, there are several specific changes. In addition to freshly introduced storyline to the game, there are new weapons. From this moment, our Titan will have giant sword at his disposal. With it he can defeat the enemies even more effectively. To the arsenal of weapons we can also include the things like gravity grenades or special rope that can be used to catch and pull enemies to us.

The Titans themselves are new as well. In the second edition there are even more of them. Now, we can choose for example between the mech, which uses thermite to burn everything down, or the mech that blows everything up with the help of so called splitter. If you want to destroy your enemies in a fancy way with the use of advanced “titanic” weapon, you should definitely get the game on your computer through Titanfall 2 Download links. You will see that the control of the mech is not so easy.

Technical issues – visual setting

Titanfall 2, in a larger extent, reminds almost everything we had pleasure trying in the first edition. The world depicted in the game is basically the same. The difference is that it is a bit “enhanced” and remastered. As a result, the graphics of the game looks much nicer, and the whole gameplay is very smooth.

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Game modes

As we mentioned, Titanfall 2 is a game created strictly for multiplayer purposes. So, if we love solo play on the computer, you might not be pleased as the rest. In here, we become the member of one of the two teams. And those teams can be quite large. Check out another great Gears of War 4 action game for free.

If you like traditional network games and you are familiar with science-fiction atmosphere, you should necessarily get Titanfall 2 Download on your computer.


Titanfall 2 is above other things renewed continuation of the earlier version of the game. So, if we care about completely new theme and other novelties, we will be disappointed. New Titanfall 2 is everything we could see in the first part.

Titanfall 2 PC Download Game

Titanfall 2 download


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