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Champions of Anteria Download

Champions of Anteria is a strategy created by German studio Blue Byte. The game is based on very popular The Settlers series, and after it received negative feedback in 2014, the game has been re-edited. The changes were so fundamental, thanks to them the work of Ubisoft has received much better opinions from the players.

Champions of Anteria Download full version

Champions of Anteria Download

The storyline in the game

Champions of Anteria is a strategy with RPG elements, where we are fighting for the power in Anteria. Here, we fight with the Dune Tribe, Greybeards, and Broken Crown. Our task is to defeat the opponents and at the same time take over the whole kingdom. Before we do that, we will need to develop our faction. Here you will find strategic elements in the game.

So, if you love strategies and you like slowly expanding and enlarging the potential of your own faction, it is necessary to look for the phrase Champions of Anteria Download on your computer. You will see by yourself that it’s possible to take over the power in the land previously mentioned.

Game mechanics

As we said, mechanics in Champions of Anteria are based mostly on strategic management of our faction, or to be more specific – the management of the kingdom. Except for ruling your nation, our task will also include fights. We receive three heroes at our disposal. Each of them will represent different range of abilities. There’s nothing strange in that – each character that will accompany us during the combats represents different nature element.

During clashes with enemies, our task include gathering resources needed for the development of our own kingdom. We can say that the fights in Champions of Anteria are divided into two basic stages. In the first one, we need to prepare ourselves for the siege on hostile faction. We need to defend our turrets, cover transports and convoys, as well as protect kingdom from the attacks. With time, however, the power of our nation is large enough we are capable of attacking the capital of enemy’s faction. After destroying all the opponents of the selected faction, there is a boss fight. Luckily for us, the authors of Champions of Anteria implemented the system of active pause in here. It lets us on stop the game and plan several moves ahead. So, if you are familiar with those aspects, you should definitely look for the game under the phrase Champions of Anteria Download. You will see that despite its cartoonish interface, the game isn’t the easiest.

Technical issues and graphics in the game

As we already said, Champions of Anteria is based on the games from The Settlers series. So, it shouldn’t surprise us that we are dealing with heavily overdrawn interface. Even cut scenes have been created in this way. So, if you love The Settlers and you don’t bother cartoon form, you should use Champions of Anteria Download and get the game on your computer.

It is available in both single player and multiplayer version. We recommend, however, the gameplay in multiplayer mode because the online version of Champions of Anteria is much more requiring and most of all – more interesting (due to the possibility of cooperating with other players). Also check The Guild 3 free download.


To sum up, Champions of Anteria is an interesting position, nonetheless very underrated. Despite the huge popularity of The Settlers, the title hasn’t been so warmly welcomed. It’s really petty because the game presents quite decent gameplay, especially if we love the series of Settlers games.

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