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Mandatory position for all the fans of extreme stunts on the snow is incoming – Ubisoft Annecy studio has just created winter extreme sports simulator entitled Steep. Ubisoft Studio has got unusual tradition. At the end of annual E3 shows they tend to present the project that will blow up your mind. The same thing happened this year. Even though Steep is less impressive than The Division or Watch Dogs, it still had a great presentation.

Steep Download full version PC

Steep Download

It’s worth to add that it is a sandbox production, so extreme sports can be performed in the open world in Alps and Alaska areas (the area itself the players received is truly enormous). What is more, we should include that a huge emphasis has been put on social functions. In the game we can ski, snowboard or fly with the use of wingsuits or paragliders. Since it’s a social production, we can play in the snow accompanied by other players and we will also be able to share our results with them. If you always wanted to wear wingsuit or fly down the steep with enormous speed, then Steep Download is here for you.

Social features

By traversing endless areas of Alps and Alaska, we will encounter other players as well as challenges prepared by them (time trials, stunts, and others). On the whole world we can also find achievements prepared by the creators. A key element of the gameplay is also competition in rankings. In the end, we can also perform a kind of freestyle and ride on the areas prepared by the producers without any limitations, just for fun.

Steep trailer

Each of four sport disciplines available in Steep has got unique challenges. For skiing, we can for example choose slalom through the woods, and for wingsuit we can choose the flight as close to the mountainside as possible. For those, who like to have fun in the company of friends, there is nothing on your way to create your own group while using different kind of equipment. Moreover, in this case we can perform astonishing combined stunts. Or, we can just explore on snowboard or on paraglide virtual areas of Alps and Alaska – for the fans of that there are special, hidden areas to discover. Is winter your favourite season, and you couldn’t stand a year in the country, where there is no snow all the time? Well, if those are true and in addition you like to get some nice boost of adrenaline thanks to virtual extreme activities, then Ubisoft Annecy production combined those things for you in the extreme winter sports simulator called Steep.

Can’t you want to play the game? Then you should get Steep Download in full version. The PC version encourages and greatly facilitates sharing with the extreme achievements of ours. You can achieve them with the use of previously mentioned challenges that will wait for the players all around the world or simply by performing time trials and beating others’ records. What’s more, the game allows you to make in a very simple and easy way pictures or short videos and then share them on your social networking services. For that purpose, the game includes very advanced video editor. Do you want to have fun on snowboard and beat your friends? Then do something no one has ever done before thanks to Steep PC Download full version.

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