Time Machine VR Download

Time Machine VR is a specific adventure game, which is compatible with augmented reality goggles Oculus Rift. The production was designed by independent studio Minority Media.

Time Machine VR Download full version

Time Machine VR Download

The storyline in the game

The storyline in Time Machine VR begins in 2033. We begin the game as the usual employee of unusual natural history museum. Why is this museum so unusual? Because it is located 250 miles above the Earth, what practically means it orbits in space. Our museum is unusual because of other reason. It offers the possibility to move in time. Therefore, we can see on our own eyes how the Jurassic Era looked like. That’s what will happen to our hero. We will be moved in time and it will land in another epoch. If you love time traveling games and at the same time you love prehistory, then Time Machine VR is the right production for you. Therefore, you ought to find Time Machine VR Download phrase as soon as possible and install it on your computer.

Game mechanics

In Time Machine VR, our target is clearly defined. We have to create the most accurate record of prehistoric times. The reward of some kind will be the possibility to travel to such times.

In our time travel, we need to gather the most advanced gear the humanity managed to create. We mean here perfectly designed scanners thanks to which we can track wild, prehistoric animals in their natural habitats. Unfortunately, such solution has its flaws. One of them is the fact that… dinosaurs will probably hunt us. We of course don’t need to tell you that comparing to them, we will be just a delicious snack. Therefore, their observation will entail huge risk. We are not going to limit to land or air animals only in our observations. Thanks to advanced gear, we will also be able to explore the depths of the seas. Of course, all the research need to be conducted with the greatest care. It is also worth to mention that despite all the technology we own, we cannot hurt any of the animals. The reason is simple – the lack thereof could disrupt the events that would follow in subsequent centuries.

Fortunately, our tireless worker can pause the time for a moment. In this way, he can approach to the observed animal and make a proper study. However, it does not always look so idyllic. Sometimes we need to scan the jaws of the monster. And as we know, it is pretty dangerous task even if we can stop the time. So, if you like to study animals and you are not afraid of being eaten by them, you should definitely get Time Machine VR Download on your computer.


Time Machine VR is surely absorbing and attractive adventure game. However, in spite of many positives, there is still a chance you can die in a pretty dumb way. The animations of the animals presented in the game are really nice. It is thanks to Unreal Engine, which has been used by the authors. If you like adventure games I can recommend you the game Siberia 3 for free.

We can guarantee you that you will love the game from the first minute. So, what to do now? Find the game under the phrase Time Machine VR Download and install it on your computer. You will see the amazing combination of adventure game and incredible graphics quality with Oculus Rift settings.

Time Machine VR free Download installation PC


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