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Darkwood is an interesting game in a survival horror style with RPG elements. The production was created by the Polish studio Acid Wizard.

The storyline in the game

The plot in Darkwood is quite clear. We personate main hero, whose life is divided into two stages. During the day, he explores the surroundings around the house while getting variety of goods that can be used at night. Why then? Because at nights we are attacked by the hordes of evil forces that are trying to kill us. The goods mentioned above are used to repel these attacks. If our hero doesn’t collect them or collect them not enough, he will unfortunately be destroyed by the evil creatures.

Darkwood Download full version on PC

Darkwood Download

However, with time our hero falls into illusion and madness. Despite defending from the attacks, he is becoming the victim of his own illusions and hallucinations, which will deepen his bad well-being. If you want to empathize with the role and position of the main hero, you should necessarily look at Darkwood Download phrase on your computer. You will see that your life will be between the rational thinking and evil madness.

Game mechanics

Darkwood is a position that uses procedural generation to create surrounding worlds. Therefore, it is very diverse. During playing, we are dealing with third person narration. However, it is rather specific narration because it takes place from… the bird’s eye. Nonetheless, this solution is really useful for the player because thanks to that we can observe quite large area around us. In this way, acquiring aforementioned goods and fight with the dark forces is much easier.

Darkwood is a game with relatively strange level of difficulty. If we want to survive, we need to be really quick and we need to have innate surviving skills. If we don’t succeed, we cannot hope for save games. The only thing that’s left for us to do is to move some of the skills of the character to his another incarnations. The rest will need to be done from the start.

It’s worth to add that after completing successive levels of the game, our hero will gain new abilities that can be used to fight the dark forces. If you love dark atmosphere and you are not afraid of the lack of saved games, you should definitely take a look at Darkwood Download. You will see that the path from “normal life” to madness is pretty short. I also recommend you to download another Titanfall 2 action game.

Additional information

Darkwood is the game based on the engine designed by the authors of the project. So, they give you the guarantee that the graphical possibilities of this position are very high. Procedural generator needs your attention as well. Because of that, you will see that every version of the restarted game will offer something different. So, if you happen to die, our another incarnation will never be the same. Everything will be different, from single events up to any characters we will encounter on our way.


Darkwood is incredibly dark game. It’s hard to pass by the gameplay while knowing that we are dealing with survival horror. Each consecutive level in the game will cause chills run through your spine. If you want to feel them too, get the game on your computer thanks to Darkwood Download. You will see that the fear isn’t imagined but it’s reality that in some situations can kill…

Darkwood free Download PC installation


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