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Lost Sea is a combination of survival game and classic arcade game. It is an unusual combination made by Eastasiasoft studio.

Lost Sea Download PC full version

Lost Sea Download

The storyline in the game

Everything begins from the moment when the plane we are travelling crashes somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle. Luckily for our hero, he manages to survive but he is forced to inhabit one of the islands. From this moment, his life will be determined by the continued desire to go back home. Will he manage to do that? If you want to find the answer on that question, you should necessarily look for the phrase Lost Sea Download on your computer. You will see that the escape from the Bermuda Triangle is not that easy…

Game mechanics

As we mentioned, in Lost Sea we are trying to escape from the island, on which we were found after the plane crash. With time, we will see other survivors who want to join our cause. You could say that it’s better to stay in group. As a group, you can build the ship and return to your home. Unfortunately, it’s not possible due to magic of Bermuda Triangle. With the use of classic methods, you cannot leave the centre of the Triangle. In order to reach it, you have to have right supplies. Our job is to prepare to the trip.

The environment that surrounds the islands is shaped in a procedural way. It means that we will be dealing with not only gigantic variety that surrounds us but also the variety of creatures that live the islands. Among them, we will find here for example gigantic monsters that will do everything they can to destroy us and our ship.

In Lost Sea, there are plenty of strategic elements. One of them is introduction of the management of the needs of our comrades. We need to choose targets in the way the travel to the portal will be as safe as it is possible. At the same time, we need to remember that our comrades need other things from which their physical condition and life will depend.

Speaking of our companions, each of them will have different skills. So, their death will cause us a lot of problems. In the meantime, we will need to constantly increase our supplies and improve the gear we have. We will also need to upgrade our ship. Thanks to those upgrades, it will be possible to face even the most difficult and the most demanding enemies. So, if you love computer games where making decisions is never easy, then you should definitely download Lost Sea on your computer. You will see that at the first glance a simple game can cause a lot of difficulties.

Graphics in the game

Lost Sea is the game that has rather attractive, cartoon interface. Unfortunately, despite its characteristic “candy” setting, the game in some moments can be very dramatic. Particularly, when we will need to make a decision about someone’s life.


If yu love ambitious strategic games with the combination of some survival, then you should definitely get Lost Sea on your computer. In there, you will find there everything you love like: advanced strategy, survival elements, and of course tough and often tragic decisions. Will you manage to reach the mysterious portal? See for yourself by installing the game on your computer!

Lost Sea free Download installation PC


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