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Hero Defense Haunted Island Download

Hero Defense Haunted Island is quite original combination of “tower defence” type of game with RPG elements. German studio from Berlin called Happy Tuesdayis responsible for creating the game.

Hero Defense Haunted Island Download full version

Hero Defense Haunted Island Download


Can you imagine the combination of tower fence with RPG? No? Well, we couldn’t either but… there is a game that can be defined as such combination. The game is called Hero Defense Haunted Island, where we take control over five heroes, who thanks to their abilities they need to face the horde of undead. When the hordes will be defeated, we will face the mightiest of them all – the county Necrosis. IF you want to try out this task and with other protagonists make your way out to the target through the hordes of undead, you should surely get the game in your computer thanks to Hero Defense Haunted Island torrent. You will see that it’s worth to appreciate your enemy…

Game mechanics

The game reminds us good old browser positions from “Tower Defense” genre. No wonder, each of the levels is nothing else but yet another version of the clash, where we eliminate consecutive opponents thanks to our powers. OF course, with each level they are more resistant to our spells. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade our character constantly.

If you have ever played the “tower defense” type of game, then you surely met issue of improvements. Usually, they covered armour or the firepower itself. In case of Hero Defense Haunted Island, the menu of upgrades was much more advanced. If you want to see it for yourself how the classic upgrades in Tower Defense look like, enter the phrase Hero Defense Haunted Island Download and get it on your computer. You will see that upgrades include more than just armour or firepower… But the gameplay in Hero Defense Haunted Island doesn’t end with the skills of our heroes. In the contrary, on another levels we can build more sophisticated buildings on subsequent levels. They will increase your firepower even more. However, we will always struggle with the problem of limited resources due to which your victory will depend.

What’s interesting, in Hero Defense Haunted Island each of the heroes has got its own skill tree. It means that they can acquire completely different abilities. They will come in handy in case of combat with a specific types of opponents. If you want to see these kinds of improvements by yourself, get the game on your hard drive thanks to Hero Defense. We can guarantee you rather pleasing gameplay.

Graphics in the game

Hero Defense Haunted Island is a production characterized by three dimensional, high quality graphics. To some extent, we can see suggestions of other, very popular productions like for example Warcraft 3. I also recommend downloading Champions of Anteria.


Hero Defense is surely a very interesting and attractive game. Third person player narration combined with Tower Defense and RPG, it gives a very compelling effect. The game, despite appearances, isn’t banal. It offers very advanced interface that most of all distinguishes itself with very rich development tree. And even though the game is about killing of the undead, it still presents rather friendly graphics.

Technical requirements

  • Processor – Intel Dual Core 2.66 GHz,

  • RAM – 2 GB of RAM,

  • 1 GB graphics card GeForce 460,

  • Free space on your hard drive - 2 GB HDD,

  • Operating system - Windows Vista / 7/8/10

Hero Defense free Download PC installation


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