Edge of Nowhere Download

Edge of Nowhere is a climatic adventure game with horror elements. For its creation the studio Insomniac Games is responsible. The game is compatible with augmented reality goggles Oculus Rigt.

Edge of Nowhere Download full version

Edge of Nowhere Download

The story in the game

In Edge of Nowhere we are assigned to quite unusual research mission (or maybe it’s better to call it a rescue mission), where our goal is to find out what happened with the participants of one of previous research missions. The place, where we will work is not typical. It’s not available area of covered with ice Antarctica, which will appear to be very unusual and dangerous place. If you want to know how the mission ends, then it is necessary to find the phrase Edge of Nowhere Download on your computer. You will see that the expedition in inaccessible and frozen areas of the Antarctic is only the tip of the iceberg…

Game mechanics

In Edge of Nowhere there is unusual feature. As we already mentioned, the game is compatible to work with Oculus Rift, known as augmented reality goggles. Despite that, there is a third person narration. In this way, we have the feeling that we are not the main object in the story while playing Edge of Nowhere. On the other hand, thanks to that procedure the player can fight the enemies more effectively because of much wider range of view.

In Edge of Nowhere we will have to traverse various locations, from deep, murderous holes, up to mysterious caves. On our way there will be many additional dangerous to overcome like for example passing through falling bridge, or escape from avalanche. Of course, we cannot forget about the number of enemies. We will be forced to craft with our own hands very sophisticated weapon against them.

The thing that distinguishes Edge of Nowhere from other games is surely quite specific and evil atmosphere. The authors of the game managed to perfectly model the situation of constant threat from the side of mysterious evil… Yes, this mysterious evil will not leave us throughout the whole gameplay. With time, we will come to realize that it is behind the mystery of the last expedition on Antarctic. If you want to feel that too, get the game on your computer thanks to Edge of Nowhere torrent. You will see that the evil is lurking literally everywhere! Get the Valley adventure game for free.

Visual setting in the game

When it comes to graphics, Edge of Nowhere isn’t very satisfying. However, it is not the fault of the authors of the game. All the positions based on the augmented reality technology do not have good graphics in general. Despite that, the world that surrounds us is very well presented, and the animations that accompanies it are extremely well showed. Can you expect more from augmented reality? We don’t think so… If you want to rate the game by yourself and see if it presents well from the side of graphics, Edge of Nowhere Download is a phrase you should definitely use to install the game on your computer.


Edge of Nowhere is a very interesting, although mysterious and evill, position on the market of computer games. It will surely please every fan of this type of games. Even though Edge of Nowhere cannot be called the horror game, we can guarantee you that goose-bumps will appear faster than you think. And, if you in addition love the technology of Oculus and you love to play with games based on augmented reality technology, you should necessarily download it on your hard drives.

Edge of Nowhere free Download PC installation


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