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XING The Land Beyond, is pretty unusual game. It is something like exploratory adventure. It was created by the White Lotus Interactive studio.

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XING The Land Beyond PC Download

The storyline

XING The Land Beyond is a quite specific game. It is probably the first game in which dead of our character is the beginning of the story. We have died and our adventure just started. We moved to a place similar to the underworld. Around us we can observe archipelagos of islands. What is next? It gets even more interesting! Our task is the embodiment of the soul of the main character and help to accept the death.

In addition to this, we can on our own explore the afterlife world. We will be able to get to know the past of the underworld and the souls inhabiting them. All this is done without the narrator or dialogue scenes. So if you are looking for the original game with a fairly specific story, be sure to use XING The Land Beyond Downloadlinks on your computer and enjoy your virtual death.

Game mechanics

The main task of the XING The Land Beyond is mainly exploration. Everything here is based on exploration of large areas and solving the puzzles. As you would expect, we will not be able to see any fight scenes here. The only thing we have to be careful is environment, which in later gameplay will be used to get to the next level of afterlife world.

Fortunately for us, the afterlife levels in Xing The Land Beyond are quite logical. And this is also the last logical element of the game. In the game the dominant focus is put on mysticism. If you play this game, you will understand what I mean. If you can act quickly and in the same time think logically solving puzzles, it will not cause you a problem. I recommend Edge of Nowhere for download.

To make it easier for us, our soul have some additional skills. Our abilities produce a variety of weather phenomena, such as rain, wind or snow. So on the next difficulty level we can easily accomplish it by using our skills. Who will forbid us? We are dead anyways. After all our extraordinary powers were given to us by God right?

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That is why, if you are looking for an original adventure game with elements of exploratory and at the same time you want to play something different, XING The Land Beyond torrent is a position for you. Be sure to download it to your computer.

Technical issues

Contrary to appearances, XING The Land Beyond is quite fast and dynamic game. It is not a surprise for us that the developers used Unreal Engine 4 then. Certainly developers of XING The Land Beyond did a very good job. Presented world is beautiful with plenty of details. A creative approach to the subject of the game deserves applause. Both the flora and fauna of the underworld presents extremely beautiful. In fact so beautifully that the player not only focuses on solving various puzzles, but also on surrounding world.

It is also worth mentioning that the game XING The Land Beyond, is compatible with the virtual reality glasses. The only drawback is that you can not play in multiplayer mode with friends.


Certainly XING The Land Beyond is unusual position to play. Nevertheless, it is beautiful, both in terms of the story and presented world. If you like this kind of games, be sure to download to your computer XING Download. Surely you will be satisfied.

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XING The Land Beyond Download

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