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Death Stranding free PC Download
Kojima Productions developed an action game named Death Stranding. In November 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment released it for PS4. Death Stranding PC version got scheduled to release on 14th July 2020 on MS Windows by 505 Games.

FIFA 20 Download Full Version
If Kick, Goal area, Centre circle, centre spot, centre forward is all that you listen and like. Play FIFA 20 is worth giving a shot streaming now on virtual platforms. In times of pandemic; when the virtual games are set to become a new trend and take away the boredom.

Mafia Definitive Edition free Download
Gush high up your playing spirits, adventure senses and droll in at Mafia Definitive Edition series. The game that lets your action and adventure going by keeping your journey amused with new turns and twists.

Horizon: Zero Dawn PC Download
Horizon: Zero Dawn comes with a unique identity among the famous action role-play genre. Along with flexible combat as well as a storyline, it will touch on unpredicted intense themes.

Battlefield 1 Download
Battlefield 1 is the newest, fully-fledged instalment of incredibly popular cycle of FPP shooters created by Electronic Arts and EA DICE studios. This time the gameplay takes us to compeltely new for the series times – the times of the First World War that is, and the story told in the game will be observed by several characters that participated in the Great War.

Farming Simulator 17 Download
Farming Simulator is yet another edition of very popular cycle of simulators, where we take the role of farmers. Giants Software is the studio responsible for creating the game. They are known for making previous simulation parts.

Mafia 3 Download
Mafia 3 is yet another instalment of popular game, where we personate one of the member of mafia families. Hangar 13 is a studio responsible for making this game. The works on this game started in 2012. However, despite that long wait, the changes introduced in the game can be assessed positively and very highly.

FIFA 17 Download
The company Electronic Arts doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone, who is in love with football, and those, who haven’t a lot in common with this popular sport at least know that the series still exists and it’s been well. FIFA 17 is considered one of the most famous series of games about football discipline. Here, we can choose one of numerous available football clubs or national teams and

Dead by Daylight Download

Dead by Dealight is asymmetric multiplayer horror game created by the Behaviour Interactive Studio, known for the titles such as Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade or Naughty Bear: panic in Paradise.

The storyline

It’s dark night and we alone (four of us) travel around the woods. Yes, we’ve been warned not to go through the lands of mystery alone but what the heck – there’s four of us. Even if we meet someone strange on our way, we’ve got numbers on our side.

Dead by Daylight Download Full Game

Dead by Daylight pc download

The description above is an ideal for the events that takes place in the game. In Dead by Daylight, we can take the role of one of the victims or… the murderer. But let’s start from the beginning… If you want to know exactly what’s going on, use Dead by Daylight Download and get the game, and of course read the description.

Game mechanics

Dead by Daylight is rather specific game. Why? Because in here we can take the role of one of four potential victims of psychopathic killer or – become the killer himself. The role of each figures contributes some specific attributes to the game.

For example, if we become one of the potential victims, we will be able to use the camera option that will let us watch through the environment in much wider range than in normal guy. Therefore, we will be able to spot the potential adversary way faster.

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On the other hand, when we choose the murderer, we’ve got the physical advantage as well as the possibility to choose our own gear. You have to admit that your arsenal is very advanced. The positive side of this character is that in 1 on 1 we almost always win. However, the problem is that there are more potential victims. Thus they might try to trap us and there will be no way to get out of there.

By choosing the killer, we have to choose one of few different personalities. Each killer has got its own characteristic features that can be observed during fights. Each personality has got its weak and strong sides. Our potential victims, after the first encounter with us, will be able to judge what kind of personality we chose.

Dead by Daylight focuses mostly on moral choices. The plot literally forces us to, for example sacrifice others just to stay alive a bit longer. Will we be able to sacrifice our virtual friends just to save our skin? If you know the answer on this question, then you should necessarily install the game on your computer thanks to Dead by Daylight for free. You will see that the game can verify your approach to the reality. A very similar game is Outlast 2 for download on the PC.

Graphics in the game

Dead by Daylight to – except for specific storyline – grat graphics as well. The world presented in the game is extremely suggestive. Practically all the time we will be in the dark and horrifying forest while playing. The mist surrounding us from everywhere not only worsen the visibility but also make the whole thing even scarier and more real.


Dead by Daylight is surely the game that is nothing like other traditional, survival horrors from the point of storyline perspective. In the contrary, asymmetric multiplayer mode even further emphasizes the gameplay. The whole is embellished with pretty terrifying interface that will cause goose-bumps to be very real. Dead by Daylight is a must if you love such atmosphere.

Dead by Daylight Free Download PC

Dead by Daylight download
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