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Phantaruk is the first person player survival horror game set in science-fiction realities. The game was created by the Ultimate Games. Will it be yet another successful horror game?

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Phantaruk Free Download

The storyline in the game

The plot in Phantaruk is quite terrifying. We are on the abandoned space ship, where there is with us mythical monster Phantaruk. He hunts on everything that is alive, including ourselves. To make things more interesting, our body has been infected with deadly virus that is slowly destroying our organism. Our goal is not only escaping the ship but most of all – surviving, which means we have to fight the cure against the parasite. If we want to play this unusual game, then you should necessarily get Phantaruk Downloadon your computer. You will see that you haven’t played such emotional horror for a long time.

Game mechanics

During the game, we move around our space ship, solving puzzles and other, less complicated tasks. Unfortunately, there is the above-mentioned monster Phantaruk, which isn’t possible to kill. Each contact with him will end up –sooner or later – with our death. However, escape isn’t everything. Except for avoiding the enemy, our goal is to explore and search for characteristics pills that will prolong our life. Why? We already said that in Phantaruk our hero has to face not only the titular creature but also the parasite that lives in our organism. This parasite releases specific toxins, which with time poison our organism. The pills will limit the influence of toxins on our body and prolong our life at the same time.

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There is a special display in our equipment that will inform us about the level of poison in our blood. The higher it is, the faster we will have to take the pill. And all of that will take place right under the nose of the titular monster that will do whatever it can in order to kill us. So, if you ever wondered how it would look like to be on the space ship alone with the monster, you have to get the game Phantaruk Download. You will see how close the dreams lie to the reality.

Graphics in the game

Initially, Phantaruk was created based on Unreal Engine. However, after a while the authors came to the conclusion that it will be much better to make the whole production on Unity 5. From one side, this engine guarantees really great performance, on the other – it minimizes the use of processing power of your computer. Therefore, we receive a quality game with decent graphics that at the same time doesn’t have too high requirements. Also check out a similar game to download Dead by Daylight.

Interface in game is incredibly dark (literally). The pills is not the only element we will have to gather during our exploration trips. In addition to them, we also have to find batteries that will recharge the flashlight we have. Some places are very dark… That is why you should necessarily get on your computer Phantaruk Download if you are the fan of dark and dangerous climates. You will see that this game will cause goose bumps all over your body.


Phantaruk is a very dark game that forces us not only to escape from ubiquitous monster but also to collect (and in the shortest possible time) specific artefacts. It’s difficult to find scarier game than this one in last months.

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Phantaruk Download


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