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Valentino Rossi The Game is yet another, after MotoGP 15, the game released by famous studio called Milestone. And even the name is changed (due to promotional reasons), we can safely say it’s MotoGP 16.

Valentino Rossi The Game Download PC

Valentino Rossi The Game pc download

The storyline in the game

In Valentino Rossi The Game we become the titular character – Valentino Rossi. This motorcyclist has won MotoGP World Championships nine time. In the game, we will be able to go through his whole career, winning on tracks of motorcycle races all over the world.

To make things more interesting, our game will not be limited to one already mentioned character only. We will also have the chance to personate many other, top motorcyclists. Thus, we can race ourselves in this year’s MotoGP World Championships.

Game mechanics

Interestingly, the game was made on the license of aforementioned Championships. Thanks to that there are authentic players in the game. We will see the real gear and what’s more interesting – the authentic tracks, where we will race. Another attractive aspect is that compared to previous versions of the game, the authors decided to take simulation aspect of the game more real. Thanks to that the game is even more realistic. An example? During the race, the traction will have a huge role. One small mistake and it will be impossible to get out of the turn in one piece. If you want to see for yourself if that’s true, then get Valentino Rossi The Game Download on your computer. You will know how difficult discipline this is.

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If you think that Valentino Rossi The Game is about motorcycle races only, then you are wrong. In the game we can also drive a car. How is that? Because the titular protagonist of the production is passionate with car races as well. Unfortunately, Valentino Rossi The Game is still motorcycling game, so driving racing cars will be limited to some extent.

Valentino Rossi The Game features two basic game modes. However, we can play our beloved motorcycling races in more than just single player and multiplayer modes. Except for that, we can also play the career mode, where it’s all up to you what kind of sponsor we will choose, what contract we will sign, and what gear we will choose. We can also determine the amount of our fee as well. So, if you are looking for a very attractive motorcycle racing game with economic elements, then Valentino Rossi The Game Download is a must. We guarantee that all these elements can be found in the aforementioned game.

There’s nothing standing on your way to create your own character in Valentino Rossi The Game. In the game there is a character editor available. There, we can choose the specified appearance, change outfit of our figure. That is to say, we can create quite exotic player that will character that will fear nothing and his appearance will terrify everyone on every track.

Graphics of the game

Valentino Rossi The Game is surely a title with very polished visual settings. And we do not mean here the user interface alone, but also the visualization of the presented world. The models of cars and motorcycles present very real. In many places they remind the ones from TV transmissions. IF you want to see for yourself how natural the graphics in the racing game can be, then you should necessarily get Valentino Rossi The Game for free on your computer. You will see that motorcycle races can be very natural on the screen of your computer.

Valentino Rossi The Game Free Download Full Version

Valentino Rossi The Game download


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