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Umbrella Corps it’s quite original first person perspective shooter, where we find elements of survival horror. If you are looking for ambitious combination of FPP shooter and survival game then Umbrella Corps Download is the game that you definitely need to download on your computer. Oh and we forgot to mention that studio CapCom is the creator of the game.

Umbrella Corps PC Download Game

Umbrella Corps download

The Story

In Umbrella Corps, the plot is fairly simple. We personate into the member of elite commando group, subordinated to the particular corporation. Anyhow it’s not something new in this game, each corporation sends soldiers to fight and sooner or later we will have to face the enemy. Every squad count several players – mercenaries.

Game mechanics

Of course shooting isn’t the only thing in Umbrella Corps. The creators put great emphasis mainly on cooperation with other players. Therefore, roaming around the small map would be a failure since the start. Our only chance to survive is to cooperate with others. If you like games where you and your friends can face the enemy then Umbrella Corps Download is the best title for you.

In some elements Umbrella Corps is the copy of similar game Resident Evil. Many locations found in the game were moved to Umbrella Corps so fans of the series won’t be lost in new-old interface of the game.

On top of that, besides ordinary soldiers we will face zombies. Yes, they are going to make our and our comrade’s gameplay a living hell. However, it is worth to mention that undead in Umbrella Corps are not that primitive that we could think of. Artificial intelligence in the game stands on a very high level. As a result, fights with the zombies are only slightly easier than battles with ordinary players. If you are looking for an interesting survival horror game, where you can face way too many interesting creatures then Umbrella Corps is the perfect choice for you, necessarily download it on your computer.

It’s worth to mention one more thing. Umbrella Corps it’s not only “gore” game. Our goal is not only killing enemies but trying to add some strategy aspects to the game. For example, undead which we mentioned earlier can be used as shields during the battle against mercenaries. That’s one of the uses of zombies.

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Unfortunately, all the fans of lone encounters before they computer will be a little disappointed. Umbrella Corps is only available as a multiplayer game. Besides, the plot makes us play and cooperate with other players. That’s why if you love multiplayer shooters game, Umbrella Corps torrent is certainly worth getting from our website.

Of course modes in Umbrella Corps, are significantly more precise when it comes to division other than on single and multi. Although we are dealing here with typical multiplayer game, we have lots of modes and scenarios to choose from. All you have to do is to get Umbrella Corps for free on your computer’s disk and you will judge it by yourself.

Umbrella Corps Download Full Version

Umbrella Corps free download


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