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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Download

In the newest instalment of PES 2016, the general rules of gameplay stayed the game. It appears to be a good step – in this way the uniqueness of the brand stays untouched. However, one can notice smaller and bigger changes.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Download on PC

PES 2016 Download


Graphics in the game is based on a bit upgraded Fox Engine. Thanks to that Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is a position more attractive than its predecessor. However, PES 2016 released on consoles is still better. It doesn’t change the fact that the introduced half-measures benefited in much better visual effects.

Our virtual players will now move in completely different way. There are a lot of new animations thanks to which the effect of “imitation” has been significantly decreased. The ball moves even more naturally, and the collisions of players are more varied. So, if you are looking for the real and “natural” football, you should necessarily get PES 2016 Download on your computer.

Game mechanics

A lot of changes can be noticed in terms of artificial intelligence. This is much better, in particular as regards to fast pace. However, slow-paced attacks are not as good as they could be, but there is still a huge improvement.

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The changes in the controls of the players haven’t been missed either, especially in fast plays and 1v1s. From now the players react quicker and faster on the commands, what significantly increased and eased the gameplay. So, if you were annoyed by the fact that the reaction of the players was “a bit slow”, then this is yet another reason why you should get Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 for free on your computer. You will see that it’s worth doing!

The changes are also noticeable in terms of managing the skills of the player. What kind of changes do we have in mind? It concerns, among other things, a brand new criteria with the use of which the skills of the players are defined. Perhaps, this change will surprise you quite nice but at least the whole gameplay is now more attractive and to some extent, made “from the scratch”.

Game modes

In PES 2016 the gameplay can be conducted in both single player and multiplayer game modes, similarly to previous editions of the series. Additional, cosmetic changes: In new Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, the studio of Konami has decided to implement some novelties with a lower significance. We mean here, among other things:

  1. 1. New commentators – from now on this function is taken by Peter Drury and Marco Hagemann. So, we got brand new voices. Are they better? Judge it yourself!

  2. 2. Celebrations or to be more exact – the possibility to make them by ourselves. The happiness after scoring the goal will look now much better.

If you want to see how the renewed version of Pro Evolution Soccer looks like, you have to get PES 2016 Free Download on your computer.

Technical issues and requirements

On the contrary to appearances, PES 2016 isn’t the game that will overload your operating system. The requirements aren’t too high. Here are they:

  • - Processor - Intel Core i3 530 2.93 GHz.

  • - 2 GB of RAM memory,

  • - 1 GB graphics card GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 4850 or better,

  • - The required disk space 9 GB HDD,

  • - Operating system Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10

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