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Obduction is a three dimensional action game created by Cyan studio. In here, we are dealing with leading narration, what significantly ease the whole gameplay and at the same time make it more interesting.

Obduction Download - Full Version PC

Obduction PC Download

The storyline

Imagine appearing on the other side of universe with the goal to… return to the planet Earth. Of course, in order to make it, we have to find out where exactly we are. When you do that, that means you made the first step to return home.

If this short introduction aroused interest in you, then you will surely enjoy the production from Obduction torrent. It is a game you just have to download on your computer. Why? There are several reasons:

  • - Expanded storyline. In Obduction we are dealing with open world. All the decisions we make can influence the overall situation of ours. No linear plot is one of the biggest advantages of this game.

  • - Environment exploration. The fact that thanks to weird artefact you managed to appear on completely different planet doesn’t mean you can explore the surrounding environment. How to do that? Very easily. You just need to think and with each step you will be closer to returning home.

Game mechanics

As we mentioned earlier, in Obduction our primary goal is advanced exploration of the world that surrounds us. We will have to find a way to return safely to our home. The whole gameplay is based on a much expanded logical level of the production. That is why everyone, who is the detective type of person will find the game really appealing. Obduction Download and try it yourself!

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While playing, we have to solve various puzzles. Some of them are simple and a few seconds is all it takes to solve them. However, it won’t be so easy every time. To be honest, in Obduction the difficulty of the gameplay is quite high and sometimes you may find it difficult to move on to the next level of the game.

Graphics in the game

Mechanics and the way we play aren’t the only advantages of Obduction. It’s worth to mention that in the general appearance of the game, the graphics has a huge role. Thanks to Unreal Engine implemented to the game everything looks very nice. The world surrounding us seems to live its own life. Particular elements of flora and fauna have been polished in many details. Thanks to that, while playing we will have the impression that we were seriously teleported to another world.

Another aspect of visuals that looks very attractive is… the human beings. Yes, on the aforementioned planet you can meet other people. A very interesting fact is that these are real actors, less or more popular. So, if you want to meet your favourite actor on the planet, you should definitely Obduction free Download on your computer and begin a very absorbing game right now! Also see another downloadable Phantaruk adventure game.

Game modes

The game Obduction is available only in single player mode. It doesn’t mean; however, that all the fans of online titles will feel neglected. In the contrary, the gameplay is so open, even the fans of popular online games will find something interesting for themselves.

Additional information

In Obduction we can also interact with different species. How? You can learn more about that by installing the game on your computer thanks to Obduction.


Open world, interesting gameplay – these are two attributes that can summarize Obduction. Is it worth playing? Judge for yourself!

Obduction Free Download CODEX

Obduction Download


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