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Carmageddon Max Damage Download

Carmageddon Max Damage is another edition of the popular series of racing games. Developed by Stainless Games studio. Once again we are able to take part in a race full of murderers and blood. The winner can be only one.

Carmageddon Max Damage Download Full Version

Carmageddon Download

The game's story

Once again the story of Carmageddon Max Damage takes us into the world of deadly racing - literally. In the game, we fight not just for first place in the race, but first of all - for our life. Do not be deceived "honorific" game character is just for show. Although we are dealing with the traditional racing game, the victims of the races are often innocent people and animals happened to encounter on the road. Of course, clashes with other drivers also do not have a peaceful nature. By using different kinds of weapons, we try to eliminate them from the race. Will we succeed? Everything depends on the player.

If you love the good old Carmageddon, we recommend you to play in the next generation of the game Carmageddon Max Damage Download. It is worth to download it to your computer.

Game mechanics

Carmageddon Max Damage is not only bloody fights in the streets and racetracks. There is also a lot of new features thanks to which, despite being the same story the game has become more modern with a lot changes.

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Among the changes, it is worth to mention that a number of new vehicles and location were added. So we have more opportunities to race at various locations. Each race will be different. In the new version of Carmageddon vehicles are up to 30, it is a record if we consider the whole series. It is no different in the case of locations we will be racing. There are indeed a lot, starting from the blazing sun deserts and ending with the vibrant centres of large cities. New version of Carmageddon is even bloodier than previous versions. Implemented animations of people and animals being killed are actually very brutal and bloody. Taking that into consideration, they are much better than the previous games.

The game is very dynamic. Let us remember that we are dealing with an arcade game in which reaction time, cleverness and prediction. All this is taken into account in this game. If you are passionate about driving fast and brutal, be sure to Carmageddon Max Damage Download to your computer. Great fun guaranteed!

Game's graphic

Graphics in Carmageddon Max Damage is much better than in the parts of the game. In this regard, a lot has changed. A number of changes have been made. Changes include not only locations but also guns and vehicles. All this in a new layout. Now vehicles and effects of their destruction look much better. If you hit a concrete pole in Carmageddon Max Damage your vehicle will not bounce off the pole. I assure you that you will not go anywhere further. Your car will break up into small pieces.

Game modes

If you love to race in network with friends, we have a great news for you. Carmageddon Max Damage for free allows you to play in both single player and multi-player mode. That is why it is worth to download it to your computer. These are not all the modes available in the game. We will find the mode in which we are escaping pursuits from our opponents. In another mode, we will enter the skin of hunters and fight with artificial intelligence.

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Carmageddon Max Damage Download


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