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The game Outlast 2 produced by Red Barrels studio is survival horror title that thrills us from the first to the last moment. It is the continuation of equally well-made game maintained in the same atmosphere, which was published in 2013. The protagonist we control takes infamous role of the prey, so in order to survive we have to avoid being discovered by hostile units at all cost. However, when we are forced, we can try to save ourselves with the run. Whole game can be observed from the first person perspective.

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Outlast 2 Free Download

New game – new plot

The second instalment of the series does not continue the story presented in the original, so we are going to see new places and new enemies in here. The action of the first part is set in the psychiatric hospital (Mount Massive Asylum), Colorado, USA. As a journalist – Miles Upshur – we learn that in this place illegal medical experiments are carried out along with sacrilegious rituals. When we arrive to the place, regular life gives way to the worst nightmares and the fight for survival begins!

In the second instalment we once again personate journalist, who is equipped only with camera with night vision. This time, it won’t be Miles Upshur but someone completely different. The developers of Outlast 2 took the aspirations for the storyline from the events that happened in 1978. Then, members of Peoples Temple from the city of Jonestown committed mass suicide. Before they do that, they managed to kill the US congressman, who visited the village as well as three jounalists and a small group of refugees. If you like horrors and they are your favourite types of computer games, then get Outlast 2 download.

Visual setting

The graphic design in the game is marvellous. The appearance of the enemies and the places we are going to explore in the game have been polished in every way. It increases the fear that accompanies us all the time while playing Outlast 2. What is more, night vision of the camera we possess perfectly complements the atmosphere of terror by giving an amazing effect. If you want to see it all on your own computer or TV screen, Outlast 2 download is here.

Similarities with the original

Outlast 2 has preserved basic mechanisms of the gameplay we knew from the original. The surrounding is still observed from the first perspective view. However, our character is no soldier or assassin. He doesn’t possess any combat skills. We are not facing our persecutors but we hide whenever we can and avoid being detected. If this tactic fails, we have to save ourselves by running and in this case we can use the parkour system.

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The game can be played on popular PCs as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. People say there it makes no sense to take everything too seriously but there are some moments in the life of computer players, where there is no place for jokes. One of these moments is playing the position prepared by Red Barrels at night, in dark room, where we can delve into the dark world presented in Outlast 2. In this world, no one will treat you indulgently. On the contrary, if they hunt you down, it is sure as hell you won’t be the last to laugh. If you are fed up with jokes and you want the fear to pierce your mind, you should necessarily get Outlast 2 Download.

Outlast 2 PC Download

Outlast 2 Download


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