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Kojima Productions developed an action game named Death Stranding. In November 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment released it for PS4. Death Stranding PC version got scheduled to release on 14th July 2020 on MS Windows by 505 Games. It was previously planned to get published in the month of June 2020 but later got postponed due to the current pandemic like other releases this year. Thus Kojima Productions, the developer got extra time for finalizing and polishing in the middle of the orders of stay at home worldwide. 

Death Stranding Download Full PC Version

Death Stranding PC for free

It is not much surprising that the game will get a PC release, mostly with the news of it becoming delisted as PlayStation4 exclusive in May, no one has been expecting to come across its Microsoft Windows release only 11 days before the launch of its PS4 version. 

To completely embrace it, you must give away the desire to know all. The game is set up to create dramatic and emotional moments. It will not always be simple to live those moments, and you must drape your disbelief quite frequently to enjoy them fully. Although for some specific type of player, that lengthy and demanding journey will always be worth all the effort. 

The complete idea

The game starts in the US during the fallout of the eponymic Death Stranding that will lead to disastrous creatures from an empire between creation and demise to begin wandering the Earth. Some invisible beings will originate from the Beach lands called Beached Things. Players will be controlling Sam Porter Bridges, a courier assigned with some delivering supplies to those shattered and remote colonies that exist and getting them reconnected through one wireless transmission network.

The players get evaluated by the company as well as recipients depending on their performance, such as if the cargo gets delivered and is intact among the other factors. These qualities get used for levelling up the statistics of players like stability, weight capacity as well as enhancing their standing with different locations along with characters that will improve rewards. The way the players will pack the cargo and carry the total weight will be affecting the ability of Sam to navigate via the surroundings. 

Enemies in Death Stranding

The main enemies of the players are those creatures called beach things or BTs, MULEs as well as Demens. The MULEs have started to kill porters for claiming their cargo. The beach things get encircled by a rain called time fall that causes damage to the armour and cargo of the player by increasing their deterioration. The beach things are usually invisible, but as the suit of Sam gets equipped with some robotic sensor it points towards any BTs present near and the area can get scanned by the player for revealing them. 

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Gear is a vital part of the encounter. You can access ladders as well as ropes for helping yourself cross challenging terrain and drive vehicles such as trucks along with motorcycles. New updates are available at a piercing pace and makes everyone feel notable as well as dominant. The very first time you will jump in a pickup truck’s sear, you will feel the fun. You will also face other obstacles such as terrorists obsessed with robbing packages as well as those irritating BTs that you need to stalk over slowly, silently in order to avoid getting caught. If they catch you, they will push you into a fight with a huge squid like monster who swims in tar. Check out another free action game Horizon Zero Dawn for downloadon the PC.

Bottom line

Death Stranding’s PC version will come with elevated frame rate foundation and far reaching monitor compatibility. It will also be shipping with the photo style that included to the console version. The process may look to be very tiring. It is also never made easier by the clumsy menus along with controls of Death Stranding. However it makes some kind of sense. Such trips must feel strenuous, and thus they do. It is not fun by itself but it complements the game’s themes. Death Stranding grips the classic video game pickup hunt and extends it out to great parts. Keep yourself updated by searching its online free download link so that once it gets released you can installit and start playing. 

Death Stranding get for free!

Death Stranding download

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core i5-3470 3.2 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphic card 3 GB GeForce GTX 1050 / 4 GB Radeon RX 560 or better, 80 GB HDD, Windows 10


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