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Relish memories of medieval GTA by playing Rustler PC game! Rustler is a virtual world, controlled action mixed with humour game that plays respect to the style as well as gameplay of Grand Theft Audio. It also includes a historically imperfect medieval background. You will be playing as a character named Guy, who will be experiencing feudal justice and witch-hunting.

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In Rustler, Guy will also come across brave but remarkably stupid knights. You can complete a vast range of challenging missions and hunts and join huge tournaments. Or you can overlook the plot of the game and create chaos in villages as well as cities. You can either selected to walk on foot or if you wish to become more efficient, then look out for hand grenades or ride stolen horses.

While playing the game, you can fight using swords or crossbows, turds as well as spears. You must remember that to win the main tournament; you must be innovative as a poor peasant. The producer and publisher of the game is Jutsu Games.


In this Rustler PC game, you will not be a hero and not born as a strong knight, and neither will you become a king. You are a medieval gangster, basically, a criminal who wishes to become rich. 

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The guy is a low-ranking gangster, and his parents were not great at names. He has a friend named Buddy, who is very talkative, and a stern boss named Herb. Then one day, Guy accidentally gets The Grand Tournament’s invitation. He counterfeits nobility certificates for participating in it. After that to win it, Guy will be doing strange things such as start a fight with Iron-Maiden, a medieval superhero, assist Knights to make the best moonshine. 

If anyone does not find much interest in the storyline, they should not play it. Moreover, the game is deep-rooted in the old-fashioned GTA, and thus the main concern is always fooling around, gain few starts and keep away from the police. This game offers a lot. So, if easy inflicting damage is not sufficient, you can try out the minigames collection like collecting corpses and clashing illegitimate medieval martial arts fights and some additional activities such as getting hold of few horses for a stable boy. 

An insight

Just Games, also famous for 911 Operator, is a Polish company and is the developer of this game. On the other hand, Games Operators is the publisher of Rustler. It is a well-known publishing company investing, releasing as well as promoting video games. Games Operators also aid in developing unique and creative video games. You can download and install this PC gameon platforms such as Microsoft Windows 7, 10, and MacOS devices and is still undergoing development. The release date of the game will shortly get announced shortly, and its free prologue will be launched soon and will be available on Steam.

You can play the game alone as well as with others. The single-player mode is the game’s foundation. However, the developers added an online multiplayer mode within which you can play it in PvP mode. 

This Rustler game comes with enjoyable 3D visuals. Each character model, along with the backdrop, is presented correctly. The animations also fulfil everything that a gamer will desire.

The developer, Justu Games released its free prologue. It has the initial three missions of the game along with extra minigames as well as the full game’s free-playing mode. It is a short independent game that has its unique beginning as well as end. The prologue has some major features such as:

  • Catch a glance of the incredible storyline.

  • Get trained in combat so that you stayed prepared for great fights in the game.

  • Omit all your knowledge related to history and plunge into those times that did not prevail.

  • Attempt to collect every references of pop culture.

  • Ride super-fast horses.

  • Hurl poop at security guards.

The developers are planning to update the prologue along with the full game until the launch with the assistance of the publisher. 

Final words

So, become one medieval gangster in an exciting action game that include lot of reference related to pop-culture. Complete crazy assignments, steal horse, kill heroes, put up a good fight with guards, loot peasant and so on. All these will be packed in an outworn gameplay style.

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