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The Outlast Trials: The perfect horror cooperative game! Red Barrels, the developer and publisher, created one of the notable new horror franchises at the time Outlast was available for PC players. Then after a great sequel that has been released a few years back, they are planning to return to the gaming world with a unique horror genre. They have gifted their audiences with the modern age’s excellent horror experiences. Thus, they are aware of crafting great remarkable horror titles. 

The Outlast Trials game

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The developers are now working on an entirely new PC game called The Outlast Trials. They have made it clear that it is not going to be the last one’s direct sequel but will be a part of the identical exhilarating world. 

The Outlast Trials will be arriving in the year 2021. The PC game has been confirmed now, which can be downloaded and installed in Microsoft Windows devices. This game will be letting players facing the trial horror on their own or cooperate with three other players. It will be bringing fear along with anxiety to many players regardless of if they play alone or ask their friends to tag along.

Storyline The Outlast Trials

The story revolves around experiments in the time of the Cold War in mind control. Hence there is a high chance that allies will be tricked to become foes as stages keep going. The time of the Cold War was selected as a backdrop for expanding the mythology beyond the game by approaching Project MK Ultra at its zenith. 

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It will be set in the era of the Cold War, where four players will be assisting each other while taking test subject’s role in some unknown experiment. Players can get scared alone or work together with three more friends. 

It is not much clear what the victims of experiments have to go through, but it looks like it will revolve around scary doctors, night vision glasses, and so on. Players will have to run through chilling hallways while endless horror hunts them down. As the mind control experiment will take place, players will not only occupy similar spaces but also reach out to one another for help. 

The co-operate playing mode will come with segments, and the player will be separated from each other. Thus, a player cannot always depend on his co-survivors to be out of the dangerous situations. 

The unique thing

It is going to be a multiplayer spooky fame where players will be exploring everything with friends, including cooperative play to four players. But players who enjoy going through a very traditional single person horror encounter can too play it solo. Cooperative play is a massive change for this game, and it will include a thrilling experience. It is a risky proposition to include multiplayer to any horror video game. In the past, players loved few games like Resident Evil 5 because of its cooperative action significance; most of them felt that it was not a scary one. But Outlast games have excelled because of their wonderful horror taste. So, the developer needs to be sure that including the multiplayer option to the new formula will not be reducing the franchise’s terror. Only the Outlast Trials will become a success if they can get hold of a way of integrating multiplayer and remaining equally terrifying like its predecessors. 

Final words

In the last ten years, outlast has been one of the significant latest horror game franchises as a series. Have a look at the free trailer to catch a glimpse of how a team of scientists conduct experiments on one bound hostage. The sight of them driving night vision goggles into the hostage’s head is terrifying. Further the hostage is sent into a test change with few other victims. The trailer of the game will give you its flavour making it clear that the end will not be great for the characters as it will be all blood and more. Watch out, as more news get announced soon for its release.

The Outlast Trials free Download

The Outlast Trials game


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