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Dishonored 2 is the continuation of the stealth FPP cult game from 2012, so if you like those types of genre, you can run your hands because the second instalment is about to be as addictive as the first part. The action of the game is set in fictional, totalitarian, and quasi-steampunk world. The events in which we take part in the second instalment happen fifteen years after the story told in the original. Depending on our choice, we can control one of two following figures: Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin.

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Dishonored 2 Free Download

The producers of the game are Arkane Studios, who have on their account Dark Messiah of Might & Magic from 2006. The publishers, on the other hand, is Bethesda Softworks, who published The Elder Scrolls series or Fallout. In Dishonored 2 we can play on personal computers and eighth generation consoles. These are known and respected titles. Therefore if you want to test another amazing title, get Dishonored 2 download.

The storyline

The plot in which we are thrown in Dishonored 2 takes place fifteen years after the first title. Main protagonists are Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin. The things don’t take place in Dunwall, the capital of the Empire, where the house of Kaldwin ruled. This time we are moved to the city of Karnaca on the south. There, the power is held by Serkonos Kingdom. As a result of terrifying plot, our heroine loses the crown and escapes far from the capital of the empire. Once in Karnaca, our protagonists will try to regain the crown that is legally destined for Emily Kaldwin.

In the interactive introduction to the game, we can control Emily. However, later on before the actual game starts, we can choose which character we want to play. The gameplay itself isn’t influenced by the choice. Nonetheless, it is still crucial moment because the selected character will be controlled by us until the end of the game. There is no option to change that. We can choose other character only when you relaunch the game. Each character has different magic powers and different dialogue options. So, playing each character gives unique experience. This time Corvo can speak! Whereas on the first part he was quiet all the time. The change in this aspect has already happened in DLC addition and the second part continues that invention. Do you want to hear the protagonists, who react on the events on the screen? Get Dishonored 2 Download today!


The gameplay in Dishonored 2 is similar to the one we know from the first part, and the missions we are going to perform are little similar to those from Hitman series. There are various goals in the missions, and it often happens these are assassinations. It’s worth to note that during completing missions we receive huge freedom and it’s all up to us which way we will choose to get to the destined location and how we will beat the guard (stealth attack, open fight, stun, etc.)

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Because Dishonored 1 was loved by the players and highly rated by the critics, the authors of the game decided to develop already existing mechanisms in the game. In the second instalment of the series locations are larger and they give more possibilities. The moral assessment of our actions has been improved. What is more, the magic power development system of our characters has been developed. From not on you can personalize it even more

Technical issues

The game offers only campaign for one player and because it was created with the thought of modern personal computers and the eighth generation consoles, the visuals look really nice. The game can be played on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. If you want to help Emily regain her crown, get Dishonored 2 Download.

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Dishonored 2 Download


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