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Medal of Honor has been EA's premier shooter since the late 90s. Today, they own more shooters the possession of the battlefield franchise, but Medal of Honor existed first. This was a series was always designed for the console market, however, now mow more than ever PC gamers love shooters. Medal of Honor started in World War II and had a lot of iconic moments from the war that happened in Europe like D-Day. Even though, that's how the franchise began, they been going in a bit of a modern direction, allowing more technology and weapons to be used at the soldier's disposal. EA now wants to take it full circle and remind everyone why Medal of Honor was here in the first place and go back in WWII.

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond Download PC

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond free


EA's development team will allow you to play this game in VR. VR is very primitive at the moment. but it can create a game that sets itself apart from the competition really well. The game takes place in first person, so having the options of VR is going to be the most immersive option you can have. VR is very expensive and generally you need a whole room dedicated to VR, but if you do have the option, this is something that you should consider.

Medal of Honor is going to have a campaign that a has a story to it. It won't have the best writing or even the best setpeieces, but it will remind people what made these WWII stories so memorable. You character doesn't really have that much to offer to the story, you are mainly just listening to your superiors. We don't know how the story will end but there are cutscenes online of some of the story along with the chases that the game has to offer.

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The developers put a lot of care to make sure that you are actually feeling like you exist in these locations. In the game, you actually have to motion certain actions if you want them to happen. There isn't really a controller, or at least not one that you'll be used to. A gun won't reload unless you motion for it to happen. All of this was done for the sake of immersion and is made for the players immersion. It gives you one of the most accurate feelings for shooting a gun made in that time. Respawn Entertainmentgot to make their dreams come true in the way you feel immersed through the game.


Medal of Honor Above and Beyond is absolutely beautiful and runs very consistently. It has a solid script and really good acting that help to carry the cutscenes flow through seamlessly. The team worked so hard to create the experience of going to these places, that the team actually did travel to a of of locations to make sure that they got the experience right. Not only that, but they studied aircraft, the sounds of tanks, and the functions of guns that soldiers had to use at that time. Even if you think the story can be corny at times, these aspects of the game make you feel like you're there.

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It is so realistic, that the developers gave you the options of skipping certain setpieces because it can be nauseating due the intensity. Skydiving out of a plane isn't something the average person will have to do. It makes sense why some people may have a reaction to it, especially if they were caught off guard. Thankfully, you can go back to those segments at any time if that's what you want to do. Get similar game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for free.

It not only has so much detail put into it, but you can really feel the passion of the people who worked on Medal of Honor Above and Beyond. Some fan favorite characters will be making a return in this game. It's telling a WWII story, but doesn't forget the franchise it is or what the series was known for. For historical fiction, this is pretty rare, and sets itself apart from a lot of other First-person shooters that you'll do. Some other things just feel good, like knocking out a Nazi to get even for what they did to France. All of that is executed well.

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond free Game PC

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond download
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