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ReCore is an adventure action game set in the fictional, postapocalyptic science fiction world. Production was created by the former employee of Capcom and Keiji Inafune, who is the co-creator of such popular creations like Onimusha, MegaMan, or Dead Rising. Inafune worked with Armature studio, where he met the authors of cult series Metroid Prime. Get ReCore downloadand check how good the game really is.

ReCore PC Download

ReCore Download

For PC and Xbox One

Initially, ReCore was available for Xbox One console users only. With time, authors of the game changed their mind and optimized the game for popular PC computers with Windows 10 operating system. The fact worth noting is that it is one of the first titles available for Xbox Play Anywhere. You just need to purchase the position only on one of the platform in order to enjoy it on both Xbox as well as PC devices without any additional fees. Sounds interesting? It sure is, because it is huge easement for the owners of both platforms.

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Friendly terms with the robot

We are familiarized with the story presented in the game as one of the representatives of the human race, which roam endless deserts in the company of a friendly and lovable robot Mack. Together, they fight against the robots of hostile faction. The very important element of the game is the possibility of moving the core of our robotic companion to the body of another robot. Thanks to that action the robot gains new possibilities with still friendly attitude robot Mack. After the catastrophic incidents on the Earth, our main protagonist – Joule Adams – is sent on far planet Far Eden, where she is tasked to create foundations for the new home of human race. But that’s not the end of misery because while traveling on the destine planet, the colony started to be governed by the hostile to the people faction of robots.

Their goal is to exterminate the whole humanity. When Houle Adams wakes up after many years of cryogenic sleep, she finds out that her original plan was jeopardized and she needs to introduce major modifications in order to succeed. Fortunately, not all the robots have such aggressive attitude towards human species. The great example is Mack. It turns out that Joule and Mack are perfect pair and during the game they will strive to solve the conflict situation regarding enemy robots and to find the way to save humanity. If you want to meet lovely robot Mack and with him travel the through the desert world, get ReCore Download today.


The concept of the game is to explore huge world, look for resources and hidden treasures, as well as acquire another allies. We will be forced to spend a lot of our time on fighting robots. Some are small and rather harmless, the others, and we mean here bosses, can cause to us a lot of problems and require various tactics. The main protagonist, however, has got quite a lot of tools as her disposal. They give her unique abilities during the combat. In the end, the basic element of the gameplay is the possibility to move the core of our robot to the body of different robot. Skilful use of this possibility is the key to success. The robot in this way gain new abilities but it retains its consciousness. Are you fascinated with the robots but haven’t met even one? Download ReCore today and enjoy the company of Mack the robot in this amazing journey.

ReCore Download Full Version

ReCore PC Download


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