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FIFA 17 Download

The company Electronic Arts / EA Sports doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone, who is in love with football, and those, who haven’t a lot in common with this popular sport at least know that the series still exists and it’s been well. FIFA 17 is considered one of the most famous series of games about football discipline. Here, we can choose one of numerous available football clubs or national teams and play with the best names of this famous sport. Maybe you are now injured and the love you have for the football crack your heart open just because you want to go back to the pitch. Then FIFA 17 Downloadis here, you can play virtual matches with the best football clubs in the whole world. In the game you can play in both single player and multiplayer mode.

FIFA 17 Download PC Full Version

FIFA 17 PC Download

Full story campaign and new engine

As we all know, in those types of sport simulators the developers are trying to make each subsequent edition of the cycle better, more developed and nicer than the predecessor. In the production we are describing the authors went even further and expanded FIFA 17 with full story mode and (in PC computers and Xbox One consoles versions) used Frostbite engine made by DICE studio. This engine was used in such productions as Battlefield or Star Wars Battlefront. The authors and publishers of the game is none other than Electronic Arts, the company which has other, marvellous series of sport simulators on their account (e.g. NHL, Madden NFL, NBA Live).

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Various improvements

The campaign in the game is called “The Journey”. Here, we personate young, seventeen year-old Alex Hunter, who is just starting his career in Premier League. In the campaign there is whole story prepared for us. During gameplay we can also different dialogue options to choose from, a feature well known from RPG games. Despite that, FIFA 17 is still football simulator and we can of course play here basic game mods such as league, quick friendly matches, or have fun in multiplayer game mode. The professionals from EA focused on improvements four aspects while creating the game namely: tackles, set pieces, artificial intelligence, offensive techniques.

Authors were inspired by the skills of James Rodriguez when they were creating set pieces. We can take a different methods of performing them just to give different rotation to the ball. In addition, we can use our body during dribbling. However, it is also dependent from the distance of adversary’s player. So, if James Rodriguez is your favourite players or you just want to carry out set pieces like the best players, get FIFA 17 Download now and fulfil your dreams in the virtual world!

The possibilities of Frostbite Engine

So far the games from FIFA series were using Ignite engine. However, because the incoming edition has got a story mode, they decided to introduce more advanced solution – Frostbite engine from DICE studio. As the result of this decision, everything has become more realistic – stadiums, supporters or even players. Because of the possibilities of Frostbite engine, the game has mapped the characters of the following trainers: Pep Guardiola (Manchester City), Arsene Wenger (Arsenal), Jose Mourinho (Manchester United), and Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool). Do you want to see on the screen of your computer or TV the most famous football players of our time? Do you want to play as the best footballer for the biggest clubs? No problem – get FIFA 17 download.

FIFA 17 Free Download PC Game

FIFA 17 Download


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