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Revolving around the story of a beautiful and creative doll house, Paralives is an upcoming life simulation indie game that will keep your creativity on its toes. Being a sheer believer of the phrase "you live only once", the developers made sure to give a thrilling virtual life to their players.

Developer: Paralives Studio / Alex Massé
Publisher: Paralives Studio / Alex Massé
Game mode: SinglePlayer
Languages: English, French, Spanish - Spain, Portuguese, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Spanish - Latin America, Simplified Chinese
User rating: 9/10
Downloads: 12574

Paralives free Download Full Version PC

Paralives Download game

With this user created content game, you get to create your characters while managing their lives the way you want to. You get to create their personalities and give them your dream life in a perfect house.

One of the best parts of going for Paralives game is that you can download or install it on PC and Mac without any hassle.

Content about the game

Paralives is a simulator game that lets you design and build houses as per your creativity and knowledge. The game provides you doll house life simulation for characters and manages the game at your convenience.

Design and features

The house life simulation indie game is set around an open world town. It has plenty of open employment opportunities for the character. You can witness various events taking place such as festival celebrations.

To create your perfect characters in paralives, you, the paramaker would get color options to choose the right colors for background, curved  walls of any length, and clothes as well. You will also get to choose objects like furniture and, texture that you could use with your friends in the simulation mode.

You will also get to design and plan decor inside their homes and all-around to build your dream house. By playing a real-life architect or designer you get to experience a gaming simulation like never before. Games like this help children explore their creative minds.

Dress your favorite character, decide the color of their hair or make a story out of its upcoming doll house life! All this is available in just one single game, that is, Paralives.

Developing Paralives: A House life simulation indie game

The game has been built or developed by an independent developer of the gaming world.  Alex Masse thought of creating this advanced game after working on a few projects for a company. The games he had developed were also really popular. However, he started working on building Paralives as an independent project and worked on it full time.  

The Team

The development of Paralives started in the year 2019, January and the release date was officially announced after six months. As an initial thought, Paralives was supposed to be an independent project with only Alex working on it. However, gradually, he hired more developers and formed a studio.

In 2021, the studio consists of ten people including a composer. While designing the game paralives, the creator wanted to give special features to give scope for endless creativity. He noticed the features that other simulation games lacked, especially in-house design.

As a result, he and his team looked for inspiration to make building walls and adding endless customization for houses. You could see the technique of procedural animation being used in the game. The technique adds automatic reactions to changes in the indie game for pc and keeps on copying for similar actions or something.

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Due to this technique, developers saved time and energy from creating every reaction as per the situation. The game paralives, due to its interesting and new concept of design gaming, gets a stable financial backing. The backers also get to have a say in the theme and the concepts on which the game play would be based.

Paralives is one of the few games which have a big fandom. Currently, in 2021, the game has 9000 supporters. To make it even more user-friendly, the developers organize surveys and review every now and seek choices for skin colors, hair colors, etc. The ideas they get are supremely diverse and inspiring and help dream house create some characters.  

The conclusion of the latest life simulator

Paralives is an interesting game that can capture your attention in a minute. With an attractive interface and limitless customization setting, players have the best time to explore with friends. While playing games such as this, players create a house of their dreams and use their full creativity. To learn more about the game, download it today.

Paralives Download for free

Paralives free download

System Requirements


  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.3 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphic card: 1 GB GeForce GTX 460
  • Storage: 10 GB HDD
  • Operating system OS: Windows 7/8/10


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